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If I were you I'd list at $425-$450 starting out. If you're looking for any trades I'd list those as well. Right now people are trading more than they are buying.

Glocks have flooded the market. And if you're patient you can get them for $250-$300 bucks.

Look at the classified and filter the handgun section to G19s. You'll be able to see what people are asking and how long they have been sitting.

If I were you I'd keep it and carry that over the Taurus. But that's just me.
Thank you for the follow-up and the advise. Definitely all makes good sense. Will keep that in mind. I'll be following up with you guys shortly. Meanwhile I have to finish something real quick. Sorry to hi-jack the threading. Happy Thursday to Everyone!:s0014:
There's no such thing as "Greater" portland. There is sucky portland, the Really Really sucky portland, and there's parts of portland that are literal Cesspools.

Example of the later. NE 33rd drive in June 2019.

Reasonably current NE 33rd drive in and aerial view. Same place. Be sure to zoom in.
I wish there is a Blue Star in Sherwood.

Haven't done one of these in a long long time. Here's an update. One of the 3 knives I chose daily. The box cutter I keep in my change pocket. Everything else is every day. I sometimes change out the primary light with a streamlight tailswitch style light. 👍


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