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    Armalite has three new inexpensive model AR's in it's lineup for 5.56 fans they have a no-frills flattop or the same with a A2 front sight, both have chrome lined barrels and are $699 at the Armalite web site

    The third is a AR-10 in 7.62 for $999 again a no frills flattop.

    I think it is safe to say Armalite has a ton or experience with the AR platform and the AR-10 in particular.

    The AR in modern sporting rifles comes from "Armalite Rifle"

    I do own the flattop 5.56 upper associated with these new rifles and I have a SS 16" Barreled AR-10 (Mine does not accept P-Mags) so I guess I am a fan. I bought the upper based on the quality I have with the AR-10, and I am happy with both

    I doubt that these will have the great trigger that I have on my AR-10, but they are worth considering

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