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    Carl Taylor and I will be teaching a long range shooting 101 class near Colville, WA.

    The Class will be June 20th through the 22nd (three days…Friday, Saturday, Sunday) targets will be from 100 yards to over 1000yds. There will be a moving target that will be engaged from multiple distances. The class will be formatted to take advantage of good light and weather periods for maximum “range time”. There will be “class time” but much of the instruction can be given on the range. A novice shooter should become “effective” at engaging long range targets by the end of the class. The class will be $750 per student. Payment must be made at least one week in advance of the class.

    The class will cover:

    Proper shooting form
    Data book use
    Developing accurate drop charts
    Atmospheric effects/wind reading
    Effective use of gear and equipment
    Reticle calibration and reticle Ranging
    Rifle building and set up
    Shooter/Spotter communication
    Load development
    Alternate shooting positions
    Improvised rests
    Long-range hunting and ethics

    Class Requirements:

    Able to lawfully own a firearm
    Reasonably Accurate rifle (1 moa)
    Telescopic Optics with turret adjustable capabilities (enough elevation range to reach 1000yds)
    Recommended 300 rounds of ammunition (250 required).
    Range finder
    Data book
    Note book, pens, pencils, eraser
    Rifle cleaning kit
    Water bottles or Canteen (more than 4qts worth)
    Backpack that can hold gear and be used as a shooting platform

    Recommended equipment:

    Lens cleaning kit
    Spotting scope
    Rear bag

    Carl Taylor is a Veteran Marine and Scout Sniper (11 years). He spent 15 years contracting as a Sniper, CQC, and Close Protection instructor for Military, Dept of State, Federal and local Law Enforcement Agencies. Long range shooting is not only Carl’s profession but it’s also his passion. Carl is the match director of (what is in my opinion the best, long range team match in the Northwest) the Kettle Falls Steel Challenge. Carl is an avid hunter (grew up in the hunting/guiding in the Blue Mountains. Occasionally, Carl finds time to compete in long range shooting matches himself.

    I have been shooting long range competitively since 2006. I do testing, analysis and consult in designing of components for Benchmark Barrels. I occasionally write articles for websites about long range hunting and shooting. I have enjoyed teaching my friends and getting them involved in the long range shooting sports over the years.

    The class will be limited to around 12 students to ensure each shooter gets adequate attention and a high level of safety can be maintained. If you are interested or have questions… you can reach me by e-mail

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