Early Ruger M77 .270

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    This gun was made in about 1969 and is very low round - fewer than 200. It has a few scratches from carrying but overall very nice. I bought it new - my first good hunting rifle.

    These earlier M77's had beautiful walnut, hand checkered stocks, engine turning on the bolt and receiver, etc. Very nicely done. They make the new ones look mass produced.

    This gun will shoot the eyes out a target. It's partial to Remington core loct 130 gr pointed soft point - also a deadly round. I have some I would sell or trade but only with the gun.

    It comes with scope rings and sling, but I'm keeping my sentimental Leopold Gold Ring scope.

    I am wanting to trade for a comparable bolt action .308 to consolidate calibers. I particularly like M77's and Remington 700 BDL's.

    I'm not real fussy about configuration - laminated or walnut or synthetic stock, blue or stainless - just a very good gun comparable to mine.

    I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow.


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