I have signed in with a con on the assault weapons ban bill as all have done in this thread. I believe this is a complete assault on our constitutional rights. But what gets me,
1-Do we all believe we can win this once and for all?
2-Why are all the conservatives and lawful gun owners having to defend their rights annually?
3-Why do we believe they will do as the will of the voters anyway? It never stopped them in the past.
Is there any way we can get a law on the books that no changes can be made for 5 years or whatever is decided on any one issue? What it comes down to is we need to learn how to vote for our elected officials, and be vigilant to take your ballot to the collection boxes. Don't trust the system that the ones we would like to vote out have designed. It is designed to get their desired results. They want us to all be criminals so we cannot legally own the firearm. I will continue with the letter writing and signing in to voice my opinion on the issues, but man this is getting old every January. Lets do our homework come voting time and maybe we can slow or stop this crap. I'm tired of defense and would like to play offence sometime? -K
Because King County.

Ever saw The Wind and the Lion? We are the Lion, they are the wind.
Because King County.

Ever saw The Wind and the Lion? We are the Lion, they are the wind.
King county ruins everything. When are the eastern Wa. residents going to succeed in getting a governor in? Im hoping soon.

I will check out the movie...............Thanks!

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