Eagle Tac P20A2

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    :woot:I think a small tactical flaslight is a great defensive weapon. You can keep it with you at all times without anyone getting alarmed, and it can be left on your nightstand "unlocked", without concern about childern.
    I've got an Eagle Tac P20A2 that uses 2 AA batts. that will blind anyone long enough to take an appropriate responce,flight or fight, (the strobe mode will disorientate a perp in most cases). Small enough to keep in a pocket at all times, can be taken anywhere that prohibits weapons. Strike bezal can be used as a weapon if nothing else is at hand.
    Affordable. And oh ya, really handy as a flashlight too!

    I don't leave home without it, shotgun-2 :thumbup:
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    Eagle Tac's full line of personal and tactical lights are not only affordable but world class from a performance and option standpoint.

    Check them out on my site!

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