WTS OR EAA witness for AK-47 variant GONE

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Kevinkris, Mar 30, 2014.

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    i have a witness p in 9mm and seeking a AK-47 variant. the witness is in great condition, looks the same as it did the day i bought it. i have about 500 rounds through it and have never had a malfunction. easy to use, easy to maintain and lightweight. its sized for conceal carry but is not a compact gun. comes with one 16 round mag, original box and manual, 40 rounds of speer gold dot hollow points and 100+ rounds of FMJ. i am the original owner. im only getting rid of this because im beginning to favor revolvers but i also would like to replace this with a better weapon for home defense.

    im seeking an AK-47 variant in 7.62x39, i may humor offers in other calibers but know it is not preferred. it can be any make of the rifle so long as it has classic furniture style, no wobbling parts (not counting the mag), the sights cannot have a visible cant, the rifle is straight and no major pitting in the barrel or chamber. trigger slap, folding stock and cosmetic damage may be accepted but not preferred. function is the number one concern but i am looking for it to be a project so even if it does not fit all of my criteria i may accept it, so long as i feel confident i can do the work myself. it must come with at least one mag in good condition. i do plan to keep this as my primary home defense weapon, so if you wouldnt trust it in an emergency please do not offer it to me.

    this is a link to the current generation of this handgun, mine is only different in the mags used and my slide is blued. pics can be sent via smart phone for those who PM me.


    as a base line im seeking value of trade at these prices. i dont want to part with the ammo until i have parted with the handgun.
    pistol $550
    gold dot ammo (40 rounds) $60
    FMJ (just over 100 rounds) $40

    i may be willing to add cash to higher quality offers. for budget reasons if i do, it may not be an immediate transaction. it depends on the amount you are asking for.
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  2. GTA2

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    Sorry at this time, I'm only taking cash. I paid $700 for this. This yugo has the serial # on the side and not the back which helps if you turn it into a SBR.
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