EAA Witness Carry P observations...and my PT92AF is a goner.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by mpperales, Oct 27, 2013.

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    So I did it…

    I had recently acquired a new Taurus PT92AF….for about $300. I had a friend that needed money badly so I took him up on his offer…
    I like the PT92AF but like the Beretta 92 this is a heavy pistol and about as wide a grip as I can handle before it would be considered too big.
    Looking around for options, I happened across many articles on the EAA Witness P Carry. I found a guy on Armslist with a new one and traded straight across. I now have a few observations.

    1) The Witness fits my hand VERY well and has a 16+1 capacity. So well, in fact, it almost seems like a single stack 9mm.
    2) I consider the Springfield XDM to have the best finish of available polymer pistols. I give them a 10. I give Glock a 9. This EAA deserves an 8.5 Fit and finish are very nice and I appreciate the polished barrel.
    3) One magazine sucks but I found them at Midway. Cheap at $24 as far as mags seem to be going these days.
    4) Take down is a snap – just like the CZ it is cloned after.
    5) I realize the PT92AF sells for about $500 new…and about $450 in LNIB on sites like NWFA. I found the Witness Carry P anywhere from $350 (Gunbroker and Guns America) all the way up to almost $550-600 (Gander Mountain and Buds) I feel the trade was fair considering I only had $300 into it regardless of what the PT92AF “might” have sold for…
    6) It is VERY comfortable and more than 1/3 pound lighter (6 ounces) than the PT92AF
    7) Got to put about 100 rounds down range late this afternoon. ZERO FTE, FTF, or jams. It shot perfectly. :thumbup:
    8) Love the beavertail!
    9) Love the ability to carry cocked and locked.
    10) Wish it had a decocker :(

    Over all…I am really happen with this somewhat uncommon pistol. It has, however, made me lust over getting a CZ 75D. :laugh:
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    I never liked the 92 series. Horrible trigger, bulky and heavy for the caliber, coarse, painful to conceal profile

    The reason I like the witness is it shares much of it's profile with the best fighting handgun ever, the Browning Hi Power

    To prove I don't hate Beretta I love the new Nano I am breaking in, as a hideout gun
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    I was able to get a CZ 75B for 450 brand new. I love that pistol it fits like a glove and have never had a problem with it. I have looked at getting an EAA witness and might just get one in the future.

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