I’m not that smart and attempting government E Forms. I figure there will be a lot of uncertainty with the SBR thing and there should be a spot for questions filling out the E Forms. I’ll go first: on the Line Item page I fill out the firearm description and save it. There is a grayed out button to add firearm once saved. Am I going to have to fill out multiple form 1s or can I submit all firearms on one form? And if I have to fill out multiple forms, do I need to do multiple fingerprint cards or will one be sufficient (or is a digital submission the way to go)?
Can't comply your way out of tyranny.
True, but every once in a while, their (the government) bull actually works to one's advantage. So I, for one, am taking advantage of this particular opportunity. It's saving me $400 for something I was gioing to do anyway. Now, granted, I don't believe that the "Thems" have any right to have a say in what I choose to arm myself with, providing I maintain a level of civility (as appropriate). But, if the SHT proverbial Fan, those rules, guidelines and improperly / illegally imposed restrictions will go out the friggin window; guaranteed!!!
As someone smart once said; "Be kind and friendly to everyone, until it's time not to. Then be vicious." (or words to that effect)
As the saying goes "If you have a braced pistol, you are fine with complying"
A lot of talk around these parts…..
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