Great article by Greg Ellifritz, with a ton of relevant and interesting information on police shootings (bullet point format) from a two day Force Science Research Center course he took. If you're not familiar with him, Greg is a former police officer, nationally recognized trainer, and prolific writer on all things guns and tactics.

Today I attended the first day of a 2-day training class put on by the Force Science Research Center (FSRC). The FSRC is run by Dr. Bill Lewinski, a psychologist who has researched police shootings for nearly 35 years. The class sought to explain the biomechanics, training issues and survival challenges inherent in the dynamics of a police shooting. The class was excellent and I highly recommend for anyone, police or civilian, who wants to learn more about the dynamics of a gunfight.

The following is a summary of the information I found most interesting and wanted to share. While the class was geared toward police shootings many of the implications are equally applicable to military or civilian armed encounters.

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