DW Valor quasi range report

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by mrblond, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Friday, I got to get down to the ARPC and burn some ammo through my new Valor. Well, I was a bit all over the place but I will attribute that to not being used to the sites as well as about 3 rounds through a 8 round mag, my shooting glasses would start to fog up and on top of that, they are sunglasses that it was a overcast day. Poor shooting on my part aside, it had 0 issues and every mag i used worked. I used the Checkmate mags it came with, CMC mags as well as wilson combat. My poor SA Operator didn't get much action at all :s0114:

    On another note, I also got to take my Weatherby 338-378. I fired 3 rounds and decided I need to remount the scope. I was surprised at the recoil, I hardly felt it, maybe like a 243 or something like that.

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