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I'm fairly certain that EVERY major military power has some sort of plan in place to disrupt/destroy anything that could be considered "global high ground", and plunge the planet into 1950's tech before the first shot is fired.
The BIG question is... Can OURS function without "eyes in the skies space) :s0092:


Right about now, a bunch of my buddies will find their airplanes cant no fly no mo! Most have gone completely away from traditional avionics and with out the "Vital Six" you got way too much risk in trying to fly with out them! Corrected Altitude, Ground Speed, Compass, Propeller RPM's, Artificial Horizon, Yea, with out those, your kinda screwed! Me, I have them in one, but not the other! :confused:


My feeling is that Russia is about ready to "annex" some more territory and the recent satellite destruction demonstration was to deter us from interfering. I am not sure what Russias Red Line is but I am guessing interferring with a Ukraine incursion would be crossing it. Putin is a smart guy and would likely allow the US to make the first strike before resorting to destroying our GPS satellites. Then it would look more like a defensive move for them.
If the Russians take our GPS satellites it may well create a lot debris and it may case a cascade reaction and out many more satellites besides our GPS ones.
And theirs, and the Chinese, and everyone else's. I think that would result in some small amount of blow-back.
If Russia screws with Chinese satellites...

Think it'd be sorta good for us if China goes into a hot war with Russia? :rolleyes:

Or we get drawn into the conflict because of how much debt China owns of the US as well as all those jobs and manufacturing....
Going to be funny as hell watching millenials driving around in circles helplessly lost. I have maps and thomas guides, they still work without batteries, satellites, or tech support. Does anyone even study orienteering anymore? I have never been lost in my life, only momentarily bewildered. I learned simple givens when I was a boy scout.
To this very day, I still do not own a dedicated GPS device (my smartphone doesn't count). Still using paper quad maps with a Silva or a Brunton for getting around in the woods and mountains. I run an orienteering course every couple-three years or so and usually finish on top or second place. Learned all that stuff in the Boy Scouts decades ago and never forgot it cuz I still use it regularly. Have got myself out of many bewilderments over the years in the mountains. Also still carry paper state highway maps in all of my vehicles, and Gazeteers, too. Anybody remember those?
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