Durakote vs. Cerakote

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Phillyfan, Mar 4, 2010.

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    I am going to have my bi-tone XDm 9 made to match the frame color (OD green). What do you think would be the best to use for the slide considering durability? I don't carry it, but it might find it's way into the holster it came with when I go to the range. I could just send it back to Springfield and they will do it for $100, but I don't know what they use or how well it stands up.
  2. Cougfan2

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    Thanks for posting this. I have wondered the same thing. Will be interested to hear the answers/opinions.
  3. techieguy

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    Well I don't have any experience with Cerakote, but I did have Duracoat applied to my wife's M&P 9. Its been just a little less than a year since its been applied and still looks nice. I believe it only cost me $65 to have the slide stripped, prepped, cleaned and her choice of color applied.;)

    For a range gun I think the Duracoat is a good choice, for a carry gun I would lean torwards a Ion bond or hard coating... just my 2 cent
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    Oh for pitty sake just hit the darn thing with a rattle can :winkkiss:

    nutnfancy on youtube really likes the Duracoat. I've watched several of his video's where he's applied it.

    Personally I like the look and function of hard chrome. A little more expensive (okay a lot more expensive) but very durable.
  5. PDXGS

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    duracote= fancy and long lasting paint
    ceracote= fancy long lasting, friction minimizing/heat reduction coating with pigment
  6. ZeroRing

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    THAT's a mouthful. :funnypoint:
  7. bnr32gtr

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    CeraKote lasts much longer and wins hands down when it comes to wear and friction properties.

    I have personally used the two finishes mentioned above, as well as GunKote, Krylon, Alumahyde II and Moly Resin. Cera beats them all and can be used on plastic, polymer, metal and most other surfaces.

    There is a reason that Schmit and Bender, one of the most respected names in optics, only use CeraKote to color their scopes and its not cost effectiveness. It's superior performance.

    The price is great, performance and durability are fantastic. These are just a few reasons why I like using Cera so much.
  8. SJS46

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    Well i guess it's time for me to weigh in on this. I too have used both of these fine products and have done my own test being you can't believe a salemen:laugh:, the way i test these products i to coat a peace of metal and carry it around in my pocket with my change and keys and that tells the tale :thumbup:, what i found is that there i not much differance in the longevity of the two in this type of test pretty much even.
    In my option Duracoat is the best product for the money, it too adheres to all types of fininishes and if it is prepped right and applied right it will last a very very long time.

    I do think Cerakote has more lubricating products and that is good but the price is much higher and does not justify the cost.

    I have coated a lot of firearms with Duracoat incuding my own and it holds up very well, again this product has to be appied correctly to hold up the way it was designed.

    In summery i think both products are very good but to say one is better hands down is not what i have found. :thumbup:

  9. torpedoman

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    ordered duracoat, bought airbrush , total outlay about 30 bucks, cleaned up gun painted it, let it fully cure, stuck it in holster, threw it in truck door 2 yrs later and many trips in and out of the holster, a cheap woven nylon design it still looks like a new gun. I have painted a lot for friends and everyone likes it. I know absolutely nothing about cerakote.

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