Limited Edition Remington 870 "Dura-Slugger."

Based on the Express frame, Duracoated for weather resistance. Additional magazine and TacStar SideSaddle added. Plug was removed (wouldn't work with the extended tube, anyway) so that would need replacing before use for hunting. Takes 3" shells.

$375 OBO

Would be interested in trading (+/- $$) for something in a folding stock 5.56 or 7.62x39. Or short barreled S&W or Ruger SP101 .357.

Further tradebait, +/- cash to make ends meet: Ruger SA revolvers (.44 or .357 only, and nothing with a Dragoon trigger guard), S&W Airlite .22 LR or Mag., Ruger Bearcat or Super Bearcat. Compact .45ACP

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