DSA SA58 w/LOTS of extras! Elcan scope, 27 mags, 2-stage trigger, more!

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    For sale, one DSA SA58 FAL with custom seven color blended digital Duracoat job including seven magazines. Barrel and gas block components done in FDE Duraheat, similar to Cerakote. .

    The weapon designed to fight WW3! Built like a tank!

    Rifle has like new DSA SA58 receiver and components, and like new 18" chrome lined Steyr barrel (about 300 rounds max. since new, first 100 were break-in) with an awesome adj. JARD 2 stage trigger that breaks like glass, and large, ext. safety. DSA Ext. mag release and bolt release are also installed. Excellent condition 7.62 calibrated rubber covered 3.4x Elcan scope is included (tritium does not glow, but glass is great). Magpul PRS stock, SAW grip, continuous DSA scope mount that lines up with DSA rail system, AAC suppressor ready 51T Blackout flash hider (hider works great even if you don't plan on a suppressor) KAC grip panels with set screws installed for solid fit, KAC broomhandle vertical grip and Harris bipod mount; extra bipod mount included for use as a side sling mount. Also included is the complete original DSA factory hammer and trigger group along with 23 20 round magazines, of which 11 are Austrian, 6 are IMI and 6 appear to be W. German or maybe IMI and 4 like new DSA 30 round mags --appear military, but not sure which? All in excellent shape, some are new including many of the Duracoated ones.

    Rifle capable of 1MOA with right shooter and right ammo. I averaged 1-2MOA at 100m with five shot groups and bullets a bit heavy for the twist (I think it prefers 155's, I use 168's).

    I'm selling this unique, exemplar specimen of an FAL rifle and everything pictured (except for the suppressor itself of course) for $3500, postal MO accepted, insured shipping from my FFL to your FFL is included. Hate to sell considering it is complete and has all the mags and everything really, but I need to make room and space is limited.

    Will sell face to face in Tacoma area for $3375 to individuals with a valid WA conceal carry permit and valid WA photo ID or military ID only. Valid active duty military ID is sufficient alone, and also $100 less for active duty soldiers.

    Whole Kit and Kaboodle, everything included:

    Close-up of Rifle R-side:

    Close-up of Rifle L-side w/suppressor (suppressor not included!):

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