I have decided to sell my FAL. This gun is close to new. This wonderful gun has had less than one mag through it and has never fired corrosive ammo.
I spoke with DSA and there is currently a wait of about 6-9 months right now to order one from them for a hefty $1700.00
This gun was purchase from DS Arms. I am sorry do not have pictures but here is the link to the same rifle and this one is as new. FTF only and you are welcome to see the gun anytime.

$1500.00 obo

<broken link removed>

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One ten rounder, and three 20's. When you see the price FN charges for these mags, you will be shocked. I think $80-90 per mag is a good price, if you can find them for that. The 20 rounders have the rubber Pmag pull loops on them.

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