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Any of you using the laser dry-fire inserts? I like the idea of home practice when I'm not able to go out to the range. I'd like to get some feedback from current users as well as what targets brands and types you would suggest. I don't own or carry a phone so that rules out the systems that appears to record hits on a phone. But I do have a laptop.

I've been using Laser-Ammo for several years now. Started when I wasn't going to be able to go to the range due to medical problems.

I have a kit that allows me to shoot in 9mm, 45acp and 223. Has the end cap for practice that can be switched to bore sighting. Also have one of their Laser-Pet targets for recording the shots.

Over the years I have used it a lot and just recently had to replace the end cap. Most of my shooting has been 9mm & 45acp. Now you do have to recock the hammer/striker for each shot and so the past year or so I have been using it in a CZ-75 which is DA/SA. While it means it will firs in DA mode only it lets me practice without racking the slide or manually cocking the hammer.

The target works well too.

I have used it to align sights & scopes at home which gets me very close before hitting the range.

I recently added the 45 Colt adapter which allowed me to check/adjust sights on my SAA.

Is it expensive? Yes, but not like ammo. What I appreciate it is that it gives me a chance to practice at home and the aim vs impact seems to match my experience with live ammo at the range quite well.

If I had the money I would get their software and a dedicated computer/projector setup so that I could set up a dynamic range at home.
I use a cheap no name brand insert in 9mm and have a paper target taped on the wall. The most challenging thing I've found with a laser insert is just staying still and not trying to move the firearm and gauge where the laser has hit. I've basically learned that when the laser hits dead center, I actually can't see it on the target -- so if I can see the laser blip at all, I know I'm off.

The smart phone systems help record your hits because of what I was describing above (you can't see dead center hits and you need to stay still after the trigger pull). But if you don't have a phone, you can probably set up your laptop with a webcam, etc. to record the target and just watch the video playback after 10 shots or so.
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