DRRC .22 Rimfire Challenge Oct 10

DRRC .22 Rimfire Challenge Oct 10
Posted by Kimber Custom
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club
Saturday, October 10, 2020 - 08:00 AM
Until: Saturday, October 10, 2020 - 03:00 PM
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Kimber Custom

Oct 10th we will be shooting steel at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club. There's 4 stages of pistol and 4 stages of rifle. Cost is $7.50 per gun for non-DRRC members (club members pay $5 per gun) and that includes lunch. This is a very family/novice friendly event. Anything chambered in .22LR is allowed. Squad members can share firearms. Please bring at least 4 mags (more is better). Setup starts at 7:30, be at the range no later than 8:30 for check in. We will start shooting as close to 9 as possible. Registration required but you can register the day of: Home | PractiScore

PM Kimber Custom with questions.
I’m going to bring the fam and compete also, I think. My first, never even seen one. Is there a cap on participants? Or will day-of registration be a safe bet?
I have never shot this match, but it’s very popular and also well run. I would sign up on practiscore (use the link provided above). The sooner, the better. As the squads fill up, it becomes harder to get squad’ed if you are shooting with family or friends and everyone what’s to squad together. :s0155:

Some helpful info:

Make sure the.22 firearms you bring, are reliable. Nothing worse than having a gun that won’t run. In general, rimfire ammo is more troublesome the centerfire ammo. YMMV. It’s a total Debbie downer. Most of us regular competitors at these matches have been through it a time or two and it really sucks.

Make sure you have enough of the following (no particular order):

1. Ammo.
2. Extra mags for the guns you will be shooting.
3. Plenty of sleep the night before the match.
Safety is paramount and if you are not 100% ready, both physically and mentally, please stay home.
4. A positive attitude.You may make a bonehead mistake and get DQ’ed. It happens, just take it in stride and learn from it. How you react, will usually dictate if the match director invites you back to the next match or not.
5. Money for the match fees.
6. Eye and ear protection!
7. Ask questions! If you are not sure if the rules or how to shoot a stage, ask someone in your squad, (an experienced fellow shooter, the RO), etc.There are plenty of folks at every match that will gladly get you all dialed in. No one wants to see a fellow shooter struggling or get DQ’ed. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance!
8. Lastly, have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. You’ll have a blast and most likely end up making new friends!

Good luck! :D
I’m going to bring the fam and compete also, I think. My first, never even seen one. Is there a cap on participants? Or will day-of registration be a safe bet?
I'm not the organizer.

The way it seemed to work was, you paid per gun. Non DRRC members was $7.50 for pistol and $7.50 for rifle, $5 for members. You can do pistol, rifle, or both. This makes it $10 or $15 if you do both rifle and pistol.

That said, i saw multiple families sharing a rifle or pistol. The biggest helpful thing is making sure to have at least 3+ magazines (5 is ideal if you want to make it easy), else it makes rounds last a lot longer and can hold up the event. Each round will have a participant fire 11 shots at least 5 times. I saw a few people using banana clips for 2 rounds. If you have a malfunction you get 1 mulligan meaning a 6th round is not uncommon for some. If you have less than 5 magazines, you'll need someone to reload for you while you're shooting. This is important to keep things moving, especially if the family is sharing the firearm. It adds up quick.

Tip, being each shooter will shoot around 300+ rounds, I'd recommend some oil or something you could clean the .22 with (like a snake, some oil drops in the chamber, etc). By the end my 10/22 was fouling some (the glory of 22 ammo). Good time to do this would be lunch.

That said, it's super casual. You'll see maybe 20% of people there have higher end firearms and trying to compete. The rest are all new or relatively new. Even the competitors are super helpful!
I have a Ruger Mk ii and Win 94 lever action. First two guns my dad gave me as a kid. Found some pretty awesome tube speed loaders for the rifle and just got 3 more magazines for the mkii. Now the hard part of finding more 22 ammo.
You might check with the organizer. The tube fed might hinder you. They may require a magazine type.
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Kimber Custom

Kimber Custom

Same day registration is fine - we cap at 80 but normal is around 50. We had 42 at our last match.

Tube fed is not a good fit for this event. I'd be happy to lend you a 10/22 or a .22 AR.

Ammunition is typically available for sale at the event if you can't find any locally.

Ping me if I missed a question - see you all out there.


OK- good to go! This will be one of two that I'm ready to use on October 10th!

Ruger Mark IV.jpg

I finally finished putting all the extras on it! Tandemkross comp, charging ring, Victory Trigger, and extended mag release. It came with the Hogue overmolded grip, and the last piece of the puzzle was the Vortex Viper holo sight. I'm a little nervous as I've never used one before and I can tell already there's going to be a learning curve with it.


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