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    A rifleman can transition, load his rifle and send an aimed shot down range in less than 16 seconds.

    Put this drills target out at 25m (82') and start with 1 mag with 1 round. Put the mag on the mat and start from a standing, ready position. On command, drop into prone, load your rifle and send 1 round at the top right silhouette in under 16 seconds.

    Repeat the drill on the 2nd silhouette in 12 seconds.

    Repeat the drill on the 3rd silhouette in 8 seconds. (Yes, it can be done)

    You can use the left side silhouette's for transitions to sitting.

    The stars can be used to practice Natural Point Of Aim. Prep one mag with 8 rounds. Put 2 holes in each star from any position - no time limit.

    Remember, marksmanship is a perishable skill - dry practice, .22 live fire practice and center fire live fire practice are all necessary to keep your skills sharp.
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