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WTS WA Dreyse 1907 Commercial

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by not nipsy, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. not nipsy

    not nipsy Olympia, WA Member

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    If you've got a thing for early automatics, I've got one for you!
    A 1907 Dreyse pistol. This is an early commercial RMF SOMMERDA model. in good shape. Has been parkerized at some point - not factory. Markings still rather sharp.
    .32ACP, comes with one magazine. A great conversation piece. Also surprisingly accurate - the sights are very rudimentary like almost all early handguns, but it's more comfortable to hold and shoot than it looks.

    Selling for $150- I don't shoot 32ACP any more, so it has to go! Make me an offer, I'm not picky.

    I'm located in Olympia, and can travel to meet you a little ways at the FFL of your choosing. If you're local, I like to use I-5 Guns and Ammo. I will be happy to split the fee for the background check.

    Thanks for looking!

    0426162118 (2).jpg 0426162118a(2).jpg 0426162119(2).jpg '
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  2. drewp

    drewp 503pdx Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Dang i want this!!!!!!
    Im west of portland though!!!!
  3. anubismp

    anubismp W.WA Member

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    Your inbox is full, please shoot me a PM.
  4. kanuist

    kanuist SW Washington Member

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    Sent PM
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