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Hey all,
I drew a 600 series "any deer" tag in Oregon. A shotgun is required for this hunt. I would like to use some high quality Brenneke slugs in my 870, but can't seem to find any for sale. Anyone have 10 or so Brenneke rifled 12 ga slugs they would be willing to sell me? Forest Grove to west side Portland metro area.
No Brenekkes, however have some Ddupleks monololit 32’s. Haven’t tried them, so no actual experience.

Solids, lead free. These guys:

Shipping WILL BE A PROBLEM due to scheduling. Likely up to 2 weeks before I could send them out, plus have to go to a UPS hub to ship ORMD.

So hopefully someone local will be able to help instead.

However, am glad to, if no local members can help...
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