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    As most of you will have heard about the first commercial Space vehicle to dock with the International Space station. I was wondering if you knew who actually performed the docking. Astronaut Donald Roy Pettit Donald Pettit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia from Silverton, Oregon was the one who reached out with the robotic arm and brought the capsule to the docking hatch. he was also the first into the Dragon Capsule saying it had a "New Car Smell".

    Don was one of the older guys in my Boy Scout Troop as a kid. He was a great guy back then and obviously a great guy now. If I remembered correctly he was the instructor at the rifle range at Camp Pioneer the Boy Scout Summer Camp up above Marion Forks on Santiam Pass.

    Astronaut Bio: Don Pettit (01/2012)

    His dad was a doctor here in Silverton for many decades. Both Don and his brother were stand out students at Silverton Union High School.

    Just thought some of you would enjoy knowing about a home town boy made good.
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    Thanks mark.
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    thats pretty cool:thumbup:

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