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    I learned Drafting and mechanical drawing in high school and picked this up a couple of years ago thinking I would enjoy getting back into it but it's time to let someone else try. This is a quality setup probably close to $1000 when it was new with the advent of AutoCad I figure I would be lucky to get $300 + or - out of it so that's what I'll go for. Drawing surface is 38" high by 60" wide (not all useable of course) as pictured it stands over 6' tall.

    Possible trades would be a .22 or 9mm luger pistol (not many 9mm's in the $300 range I know), #1 Mark III Enfield rifle (unmodified), ammunition and/or reloading supplies (38/357, 9mm, 44 spl/Mag, 10mm, 30 remington (old style not the new carbine caliber...think rimless 30-30), 7.62X 39/54r, 303 Brittish, 7.7 jap) and of course last but not least CASH, where this falls in relation to the plus or minus depends on how much or what you are trading and whether you come to Graham to pick this up or want me to deliver.

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