dpms 308 ap4 nib 08 built

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    In Portland OR, this is the dpms 308 16" ap4 2 mags, single point sling, their not hard to find for now??? but! every one is back east and wants to auction it. 1400.-2700.and their getting it I paid 1800.00 and it does have foward asist,dust door,buis,removable handle,
    shipping 44.00, transfer 40.00,sling was 45.00, snake, was 46.00
    I had wanted the RRA lar-8 their 18- 24 months back ordered now dpms, was 18 months back ordered now and bought this just wanted 308 16, I found a new one lar-8 and now I have two. I want to fix that! yours for 1800.00 its gorgeous. no trades please.
    john 503.481.1001

    12-30-08 012.jpg

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