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Some of you probably noticed the site went down for about five minutes fifteen minutes ago. Luckily, I was able to get it back up quickly. Unfortunately, the problem that caused it is too much server CPU usage by the database that drives this site, so once again I had to upgrade the plan. We were actually at 151% of our allocated capacity :s0001:

We're now on the top tier of shared hosting, and the only place to go after that is to a dedicated server. Hopefully this holds up until I can find a more permanent solutions for our hosting needs. While stressful, this means we're growing as we should be. I know I haven't told you guys where we're at as far as hits and visitors go, but it's pretty impressive for a site that isn't even three months old yet:

Total Visits: 11,731
Total Unique Visitors: 3,951
Pageviews: 143,657
Daily Visits: 460-598/day
Daily Unique Visits: 209-396/day

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated and OFA, I wouldn't be able to afford the cost of this site without your help :s0155:
Are there features you can cut back until you get capacity issues figured out? I thought you mentioned that avatars consumed a lot of bandwidth? As much as I like having mine, I'd be willing to give it up for a while until another solution is found.
Hey Sun, I really appreciate it but that's not needed. The avatars effect bandwidth usage; SQL queries from general site usage cause the CPU load. We'll figure it out soon enough, hopefully this plan will last us a while ;)
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