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Double Barrel Shotgun Parts - Could become 3 shotguns

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Hello everyone,

I have some parts for some double barrel shotguns I would like to trade off. Was planning on restoring these as a gift to my dad for his birthday, but I still need to buy tools to cut the wood for the stock and stuff)

Anyhow, if someone knows how to restore shotguns, they may be able to make three double barrel shotguns from these.

Shotgun #1 (unknown brand): Needs stock, and trigger guard
Shotgun #2 (New Worcester): Needs stock, barrel
Shotgun #3 (unknown brand, "Climax" laminate steel barrel): Needs stock, upper "receiver" part

What I am looking for in trades:
-.357 Brass
-.38 spl brass
-.44 brass
-30.06 brass
-30.06 X-dies
-S197 Mustang parts (2005-2009)
-Or just surprise me with a trade offer :)

MIGHT sell, but I have no idea how much this is worth other than what I paid for it.

Thank you!
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