Dont Know Why, But I laughed when I saw this....

Yeah, I find it hard to laugh when police officers and firefighters are being laid off. It just sucks. These are (mostly) hard working people with families to support, just like the rest of us.

I agree, it's ironic that cops and firefighters are being laid off in a high crime area. I just can't help but think of the human cost here...
Only problem with "City Officials" is that they're usually the ones in charge of who stays and who goes... And of course they're not going to show them selves the door.

And IIRC, doesn't NJ have pretty horrendous gun laws? So now, can you still not protect yourself, but you have no reason to bother the cops either cause they're a good 15-20 minutes away....
jeesh years ago ('99) I was doing a project with Kosovar Albanian refugees at Ft. Dix, and we went to Philly at the invite of some Albanian people who'd been resettled there... I've been to bad areas, lived in bad areas, but the particular area of Philly our hosts lived in....:huh::s0131: The Albanian people living there weren't at all concerned with the gunfire we heard more than once that night, it was far better than it had been in Kosovo. When we asked them "why haven't we heard any police sirens?" they looked at us like we were equal parts naive and insane... our host asked his young daughter to translate a phrase for us-- that phrase being "we have many of the shot guns."
Why don't the politicians take a little pay cut and that money can be put into the police and firefighting systems?

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