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Discussion in 'Firearm Legislation & Activism' started by DuneHopper, Nov 13, 2018.

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    I figured, it's been a few days, and people have had time to come down a little bit, from the election results.

    There are some concerns in our states, especially our Western states. That have given a direction of negativity towards our rights. I understand with this elections Washington and Oregon as well as California, were hit pretty hard.

    It is easy enough, to play the blame game. It's something that voters and politicians do all the time. The truth of the matter is we as individuals have a choice. We decide, the barrier is not passable.
    I've been around long enough to watch, people capitalize when others are suffering. Forums like this are used to beat down individuals, and to make them feel hopeless about what has occurred. I have no doubt that many people in this online community, become members here to beat down the members and are most likely trolls that come here to cause problems. I've been a member here in this community long enough to see the awesome people and the hard fighters exist within these walls of the forum. We have many veterans and professionals in this group, people that work very hard day to day, and still find time to fight for their freedom.

    It is easy to stand on a hill and scream at audience, the futures hopeless. But it takes courage to stand on that hill, and say we must pick up the pieces, and move forward.
    Imagine if our armed services, turned tail and gave up. And blamed everybody else for why they could not succeed. It takes fortitude, to understand one must move forward, and why one must move forward even if it is a difficult task. To give up is not an option. To blame others, is to redirect the problem. We as individuals can make a change ourselves. Why there are strength in numbers. The strength to acquire that number, begins with one person.

    I wrote this today, because I know each year we see many pieces of legislation that make it very difficult for all of us. But this is not the time to complain, and blame everybody. Is the time for us to look forward to what we need to do to solve our problems. And they are our problems, not anybody else's.

    We have only lost, not when they take our arms, but when we lay them down and walk away.
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    We CAN move forward, regarding Oregon. Here is my communication to the US DOJ, and the FBI. The FBI's site specifically says that state corruption is a valid reason to contact the FBI: This is NOT political, only an effort to get a legitimate investigation into possible crimes that MAY have been committed.

    "Oregon's Gov Kate Brown was just reelected. She was under investigation for corruption, pay-to-play with state vendors, misuse of public funds, and using state employees for her campaign. She has been successful in quashing/concealing those investigations. She was also suspected of something illegal with Nike Corp, and the unions. She appealed a court order to make important information available to the public. If the appellate judge was one of her appointees, it would be problematic. She has accepted millions (undisclosed??) from prominent billionaires for the express intent of undermining the US Constitution, and depriving a class of citizens of important Civil Rights. Gov Brown and the Oregon AG are joined at the hip. We have no way of obtaining an impartial investigation on the state level. Please help us seek the truth.. Thanks."

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