I am performing my first 1911 build from parts - I am trying to make a functioning gun out of brand new parts. I am learning as I go - researching how to fit an ejector, fitting the slide stop, and such. The only thing I am 100% certain is that when I am done i will have a much deeper understanding of how a 1911 works than I do now. I am working on a commander size slide with a federal ordinace frame. i have used 1911's for the last 30 years starting out with the old one's we had on my fisrt submarine ( USS Seawolf SSN 575 )

I could use some help in a couple of area's as I really dont want to mess up.
1) The breech face of the slide will not let the rim of a 45 cartridge / snap cap slide up to firing position - what is the best way to open the breech face up on the slide.

2) the second area is that bottom of the slide where the recoil spring would reside has a lip on the inner (rear) portion of the slide preventing the recoil spring from sliding all the way through - what is the best way to get rid of this lip by hand.

I appreciate any information. I now understand why the custom 45's cost so much.


James Ruby
Hi, Welcome to the forum. I love 1911's but certainly am not an expert. If you don't get any responses here check there's a lot of 1911 knowledge over there.

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