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I'm not really new, I've been a lurker for years and have made a few purchases, but I wanted to take a minute to address an issue I've come across and hopefully some of the veterans of this website can lend their thoughts about.

Earlier this afternoon I message someone on these forums regarding a rifle he had for sale. I was willing to pay his asking price, my only request is that he met me at a the local FFL who I regularly do business with in order to process the transfer, which is roughly half way's between my location and his.

He immediately refused and stated that if I want to buy anything from him I would have to drive to meet him because he didn't have time to make the trip to my preferred FFL.

I counter offered and said that I would be available for the next few days if he wanted to make some arrangements, and he ended up telling me that because I don't have any feedback or likes on my profile he has no way of knowing if I'm a "time waster or a solid dude".

It was understandable, but at the same time it was kind of annoying because I have cash in hand and I consider myself to be pretty reliable and not just some flake.

Eventually after a lengthy conversation I just decided I had wasted enough time trying to argue my case that I had purchased several firearms, but I can't really force people to leave me reviews or feedback on my profile. I eventually decided to simply take my money somewhere else because apparently I don't have the right references to make a deal with him.

Now here is my question for the folks that have been around for a while...

Do you all immediately jump to the conclusion that someone is a flake or are you willing to give them the benefit of the doubt?

Like I said previously, you can't force someone to leave feedback or reviews on your profile. It's possible you will buy a 100 guns from people on this website and still have 0 reviews and feedback. Does that instantly make you a flake?
I don't jump to conclusions, but yes I do look at feedback and how long they've been a member.

And no way is it possible to buy 100 guns from our members and still have 0 feedback.
Highly unlikely, but definitely possible. I've bought 4 or 5 over the last few years and not a single word has been said about it in feedback or anything.
Highly unlikely, but definitely possible. I've bought 4 or 5 over the last few years and not a single word has been said about it in feedback or anything.

4 or 5 is one thing, 100 is something completely different. And you can always ask for feedback from the person you're doing business with.
Honestly feedback to me is a firm handshake at the end of the deal. If we both go our separate ways with a smile on our face that's all I really care about. /shrug
Honestly feedback to me is a firm handshake at the end of the deal. If we both go our separate ways with a smile on our face that's all I really care about. /shrug

But it helps in a forum atmosphere when others can see what kind of history you've established.
Maybe I just need to stick to buying new stuff.
There's always that option. I've done plenty of business here with members, and have made some lasting friendships in the process.
Go back and contact the folks you have made the purchases from and ask them to, please, leave you Feedback. It couldn't hurt. But, be careful what you ask for. Even a single Negative can turn other people off.
I haven't sold anything here (a result of being geographically segregated or asking too much?) And I'm a fairly new member, just over a year.

I practice caution in all my dealings. Sure though, impeccable feedback from members who've been on the forums for years I'd not hesitate to work with.

My first transaction I used a regular moneygram money order because I didnt know there was a difference with postal money orders. Sent the check and the seller actually shipped the item before he had the check! Mighty trusting of this man. I left feedback after receiving the items. The seller took his time, I'm assuming to make sure the mo was legit.

I was really surprised the seller displayed such trust in a new member with zero feedback. I doubt I'd ever do the same. Maybe he felt at ease because of my prompt communication?

I've come to learn the vast majority of members on the forums are excellent people who'd have no trouble asking favors of me-and I've not met a single one!
I too consider feedback useful and when you wish to be active gun in the classifieds it's pretty helpful to get feedback. I always leave feedback and have usually received it until relatively recently, the last couple nuthin' came up. Both had numerous positives but neither reciprocated. I don't feel comfortable soliciting FB, especially from long time members who aren't new to the game. I figure I must not have left a very good impression even though both went off w/out a hitch. Win some, lose some I guess.
I'm cautious with members with no feedback - doesn't mean I won't do business with them, but I'll be looking for things like good communication and a solid commitment before I'll take time to meet them. Fact is, folks took the same cautious stance with me when I was new. Gradually, I built up my feedback to the point where it's much easier to deal with folks than it was when I had little to no feedback.

If I have to make extra effort on a sale, such as driving a ways, I do want to have some reasonable assurance I won't be flaked on. Having been flaked by folks on Armslist, I appreciate the feedback system here so I can help avoid those issues. In fact, the feedback system here really stands out among other sites since members can help vouch for folks in deals. I think it's why many folks choose to do their deals here rather than elsewhere.

When I do a deal, I always ask folks if we can exchange feedback. Some have said they don't want to, and I do honor that. But most will do so.
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I'm a newcomer to the forum. However, it seems that most offers to sell come with a stipulation to close at an FFL that is optimal for the seller. That seems reasonable to me since only the buyer knows how serious he is. In selling other used items, the buyer almost always goes to the seller's house. In this case, the buyer instead wanted the seller to meet him half way. So the buyer was asking the seller to do extra work to show him the gun. My guess is that had the buyer agreed to meet at the sellers FFL, there would have been no problem with the buyer's lack of reviews.
It sounds like the fella was just lazy and wanted to be met all the way (giggity).
Don't let it bug you too much, there's plenty more opportunities to let this one sour you.
We were all new members at one time or another. IMHO you can tell a lot from the PM about a member. If everything seems legit I will follow through with it. If the person seems well lets just say a little off, I will walk.

I will agree with @Kruejl some of my best friends I have met on this forum buying something from them. ;)
When selling I tend to put in the place I want to meet at in my for sale ad. That way it weeds out some of the riff raff.


If the buyer wants to meet somewhere else, I will attempt to try and work something out if I can. If I can’t, I make it clear that it won’t work. I have lost sales because of this and it doesn’t bother me.

If I want to buy something myself, I will go and get it if I want it badly enough. If it isn’t worth it to meet the sellers expectations, I won’t buy it.

Sounds to me that the seller simply didn’t want to bother himself in traveling to meet you. This is not something new. It happens. If you want it bad enough, you will go and get it.
The only time feedback would matter to me is if it wasn't going to be a face to face deal. Meeting in person, it doesn't matter to me. Worst case is that they don't show and they get a neutral or neg. Feedback.

I get it if it's due to not wanting to travel. But using fb as an excuse seems lazy
I can see both sides of the coin here. Older member doesn't want to get burned, new guy is like how am I supposed to be "trusted" if I never get the chance to show I'm trustworthy.
Then I scroll down and read this:
I guess I need to become a YouTube star or start collecting Twitter followers or something.

Then a bit further down I read this:
Maybe I just need to stick to buying new stuff.

Not sure what your intent was with the above, but to me I read it as having a bit of an attitude over something that really isn't a big deal. If that was not what you were trying to convey fine, but if it is then you are probably correct, you should probably do yourself and the members here a favor and just buy new stuff.

I'm still what I consider a fairly new member. I have had 3 deals since being here. I saw something I wanted, posted a reply,PMed the details and all three guys had no problems shipping my stuff down here to me. Easy Peasy.
And when you leave a negative feedback to someone who up until then had 175 positives and no negatives, it's probably not a good thing. Much easier to absorb a negative when your 175/1 than when you receive one and are 0/1. If a deal wasn't struck, and terms weren't agreed to, that doesn't warrant a negative in my opinion.

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