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Does anyone have a "go bag" just for a day out?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by glockguy, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. glockguy

    glockguy Albany Oregon Well-Known Member

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    So me my wife and our lil one and some friends went up in the mountains out side of sweet home today to look for a Christmas tree (which was uneventful:( ) but while we were out there was a few times when Me and my friend left the wives at the car with the kids so they didnt have to walk through the deep snow looking for a tree... and it got me thinking, I have my CCW on me (g27 soon to be a g23) and i realized that i left my wife at the car by herself with nothing to defend herself with in case something happened to her.. So on the way home we discussed making a little go bag with my g27 (that way my g23 mags will fit it) some hand warmers maybe some food to nibble on a light knife and whatever else seems needed... that way we would have a pack ready just grab it and walk out the door.. what are your thoughts?? anyone have anything like this? and heres a pic from out day in the snow!

    and yes thats my TREE i had to come back with something lol

  2. Riot

    Riot Benton County, Washington Well-Known Member

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    This is why I'm thinking about one of those Maxpedition Fat Boys or a "Deployment Bag". Something to throw in the car but take in and out so it doesn't get stollen.
  3. coop44

    coop44 Tacoma ,WA Well-Known Member

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    Just in case one or both of us get stranded overnight somewhere. I have a "kit" for each car, it gives me a lot of peace of mind.

    Consists of a medium sized first aid kit, wool blanket, several bottles of water, a machete, cigarette lighter, flashlight. Plus the fact that we both carry.

    I have considered replacing the blanket with a sleeping bag, and throwing in an extra 50 rounds of ammo.
  4. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy between springfield and shelbyville Well-Known Member

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    I keep an emergency kit in all of my cars.
    It consists of first aid supplies, a knife, a whistle/compass combo, fleece blanket, power bars, flashlight, fire starter, matches, and road flares.

    As far as weapons go. I always carry either a g26 or s&w j frame in my netbook bag... and I always carry my netbook bag. If someone else needs protection, they can just reach in the netbook bag.
  5. deadeye

    deadeye Albany,OR. Moderator Staff Member

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    +1 on having an emergency kit in each rig I myself bought several of the survival blankets that dont take up much space. Or you can buy small kits and add to them with food like the energy bars.

    CAMP-350 - Emergency Kit In A Bottle Knife Whistle Blanket Compass Completely Filled With Emergency Products
    CAMP-242 - Personal Survival Ark 72 Hour Kit Includes Food Water Blanket Candle First Aid Safety
    MHR-304 - ResQ-Pak Personal First Aid Kit Hunting and Outdoor Sport Pak with Quik-Clot
  6. jordanvraptor

    jordanvraptor Oregon City, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Is it legal to harvest a tree that small...? :)
  7. MarkSBG

    MarkSBG Beaverton Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I just got one of these. It is made pretty well and just big enough for day use or so. And right now they are pretty cheap. $14 + shipping (shipping is pretty high, but overall still a good deal.)


    LAPG Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag Best Seller!
  8. gehrheart

    gehrheart fidalgo island Well-Known Member

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    Yeppers, always do.

    Course living in Alaska I learned to always keep a go bag. Get stranded on the side of the road there, likely to be stuck for a day or two easly before some one comes by, and at -40 that is a cold wait.

    However even around these parts, I always have a go bag.
  9. Trlsmn

    Trlsmn In Utero (Portland) Well-Known Member

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    One item not mentioned that should be in every car regardless of survival is a fire extinguisher. I've put out 3 car fires in my last 25 years of driving, one of the three was my own vehicle. :eek:
  10. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy between springfield and shelbyville Well-Known Member

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    I dont keep that in a bag, I keep that in my center console.

    PinQy fire extinguisher.

  11. ArgentineSteel

    ArgentineSteel Vancouver, WA Active Member

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    I just picked up a small halogen 3 way extinguisher for my ride. for a kit I carry way to much stuff behind the seat. Tools flares, a blanket or two...

    For outings I pack a fat boy with a first aid kit, spare ammo, light, multi tool and a sandwich :)
  12. mjbskwim

    mjbskwim Salmon,Idaho Well-Known Member

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    I have so much crap in all the pockets and the tool box,I couldn't begin to inventory it all.
    OK so I can list some stuff.

    hand gun,5 fillet knives,2 folders,Woodsman's pal,saw.ammo,spare gloves this time of year,towels.
    Only thing I don't keep in there that I really should is extra food.You should really have at least some energy type bars

    I would think you would only need to load the guns.The rest should always be in the vehicle.

    My ex would drive over the pass,without any blankets or extra clothes to go to Spokane.
    Why would I need it? So if you break down you don't freeze?

    Like I said,I always just left most of the stuff in the vehicle and then I just had to load the guns.
  13. glockguy

    glockguy Albany Oregon Well-Known Member

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    well I dunno hopefully i dont get busted:paranoid:
  14. Nimh

    Nimh Everett, WA Member

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    Thanks for the link. Hard to beat at that price. :thumbup:
  15. Saigashooter

    Saigashooter Or coast Member

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    if someone is going to order 1 of these please pm me. I went to order 1 of them and shipping is $11.40 for 1or2 of them. I just have a problem paying almost the same price for shipping than the product. I will split shipping with you.
  16. Mr.510

    Mr.510 Belfair Washington Member

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    I take my GHB with me anytime I'm traveling outside the city. Some would call it a BOB, but for me bugging out would be the final, and nearly unthinkable option. My truck is stocked with most things I could need including ammo, food, water, etc. at all times. My Get Home Bag is a backpack with survival items like fire starting materials, water purifier, ammo and mags for my carry gun, first aid kit, space blankets, paracord, plastic sheeting, knives, backup handgun, etc. I could live out of my GHB for a week in any weather found in Western Washington and it's not even a large backpack though it is heavy.

    I'm an avid four wheeler and spend much time WAY OUT in the middle of nowhere and usually mid-week when my wheeling friend(s) are the only other people in the forest. Being prepared to spend some time hiking out or hunkering down in the woods in bad weather is an absolute necessity for me. (A guy died from exposure recently at my favorite ORV area after rolling his truck.) If I'm in the city I don't generally carry my GHB for fear of it being stolen. My truck has enough loose gear to get me out of just about anything in an urban environment. I keep an empty backpack in the truck so I can assemble a Go Bag from gear in the truck if I have to leave the vehicle, but it's not pre-stocked as that's too easy an item to steal.

    I suggest you put together a BOB or GHB type bag with survival gear and food/water that's easy to grab when you're heading into the woods. The key (for me at least) is that the bag is always packed and ready to go. If it were not I'd be lazy and not take it with me every time.