How does a time stamp on some picture prove the items in said picture are the items currently in your possession?

It won't....but as I've said at least a couple times (if you're so inclined) this should work. Do the following:

- Take a picture of the mags, with the day's headline (paper) clearly visible. That effectively dates the photograph. Digital signatures can be altered, make no mistake about it. Yes, digital photos can be too but this works reasonably well.
- Print the pictures out, make three sets.
- Put each set in separate envelopes, seal them well, and mail them to yourself.
- DO NOT OPEN them when you get them. Leave them sealed, put them in a safe place.
- If ownership is questioned, you've got a postmarked (date) sealed letter, with photographs that have the date clearly identified by the newspaper also in the photos. Let a judge open the letter and see for himself.

No, mags don't have serial numbers and there's no way to prove the mags in the picture are the ones in question.'s very difficult to impossible to prove they aren't.

We did this when I was in the recording studio business with cassette tapes of music. Often called the "poor man's copyright" it has worked for people I know when questions arose.

Not saying everyone should run out and do this, but if you're so inclined, this is relatively easy to do and should hold up in court.
How are you documenting magazine ownership prior to enactment of 114? I'm newer to shooting so I can probably access lots of my receipts from online vendors, but not all, and I can't--easily--document purchases from folks on NWFA. I took time-stamped digital photos of all my magazines, labeled by brand, caliber, and capacity (and where witness holes are showing in photos) and upoloaded the files to various storage places so there is no question of what I own before 12/8/22 if enforcement ever asks. I don't ever expect to be asked, but just in case.

Side thought: If you regularly give and ask for feedback on here, isn't this forum a defacto record of what you purchased? Couldn't one cross-reference feedback with classifieds that a seller posted? I'm not worried about it, but I assume some folks might be. I'm not concerned, but subpoenas and the threat of fines or jail for contempt can be pretty compelling.
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