I've been looking about Youtube today on various archival footage and such related to the "long hot summer of 1967" incidents. As well as documentaries and footage of the Watts Riot.

Which leads me to the question: any documentaries, talks, vintage footage, et al., that you found interesting? Anything specifically you learned that helped with your preparedness plans?
Daryl Cooper of martyr made podcast did an in depth look at Jim Jones People’s Temple and while it didn’t focus on unrest of the time, he does speak on the Black Panther movement and others during that period.

Recommended listening while working out or something else productive as his series are usually quite lengthy but definitely worth listening to.
Burn motherfuc*er, burn is a pretty good doc about the L.A.P.D.

Shows the Watts riots and LA riots , and a lot of revealing footage on how fast things unraveled back in 1992.

A lot of " prepper" types act like we're all going to receive a mass email or Amber alert when things go south. Reality, you might not know for hours or even days.
The one I really remember was the Roof Top Koreans documentary ( Don't remember which one, who did it), I had seen it as it happened but didn't know all the details, especially all the behind the scenes stuff! I also really dug the Bonus Army story, seriously messed up, and of course, the Henry Ford Anti Union B.S. and him standing there while his employees were murdered and he smiled and said they deserved it!

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