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Do you shoot IPSC/IDPA/USPSA? Want To Learn?

Discussion in 'Archived - Threat Dynamics' started by Threat Dynamics, Sep 19, 2012.

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    Do you currently shoot in, or compete in, competitive shooting sports?
    Would you like to start, but don't know how?

    Did you know that you can shoot IPSC/IDPA/USPSA style ranges at Threat Dynamics?
    AR platform also available at no extra cost (bring your own AR, we will make it work in our system for only $10, not permanent and does no damage to the gun, we put it back the way it was when you leave.


    Benefits to shooting at Threat Dynamics:

    No need to buy/reload ammo
    No need to walk out and reset course/tape up holes in targets
    No need to take time to load mags, or clean guns after!
    No safety or liability factor (great for people looking at getting into a shooting sport)
    Quick easy scoring
    Use of a REAL serial numbered firearm, giving you real trigger time
    Ability to limit firearm capacity and force reloads


    Threat Dynamics:
    One "Range" is good for one multi-stage shooting course (IPSC/IDPA/USPSA etc.)
    5 Range card is $40 (member price is only $30)
    15 Range card is $100 (member price is only $75)
    Each range is approximately 60 rounds
    Shooting 5 ranges is the equivilant of shooting 300 rounds of ammo in a match.
    For a member to use 5 ranges off of a 15 range card to shoot a "match" would cost $25!
    Membership is $100 and comes with a 5 range card - gives you 25% off cards and more!
    Or to come in as a non member and just buy a 5 range card to shoot a "match" would be $40
    We provide the guns, magazines, holsters, etc. so for a new shooter without all the gear there is NO start up cost!
    Total cost = $40 (member price $30)
    Total cost for first time new shooter bare minimum = $40 (member price $30)

    -As a comparison here is a rough cost for shooting these types of competitive ranges with live fire-
    Live Fire:
    $15-$20 - Entry fee
    $84* - 300 rounds
    (*9mm average is about $84, reloading will be less)

    Below is for new shooters without gear

    $350 & up - Gun
    $20 - Magazines (going to want at least 4-5)
    $50 - Holster
    $5 - Cheap hearing protection
    $20 - Shooters safety eyewear

    Total cost = $94
    Total cost for first time new shooter bare minimum = $609

    Come in to Threat Dynamics to get training and cost effective trigger time, practice on our range and see a HUGE improvement in your shooting abilities in only one visit!