Do you need pictures take of your gun,truck boat or???

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    Do you have an older computer or maybe just no digital camera. I have 3 digital camera's that use the same 3 1/2 inch computer disk that your computer does. I can take pictures of the item that you want to sell and while I do I can review the pictures as I take them to make sure that you have quality photo's and then give you the disk right there on the spot... NO WAITING...and if you don't have the 3 1/2 disk slot on your computer worries... I can take pictures of your item and put them into my photopucket web site and e-mail you the link. Now you can post your item for sell with ease with just a few clicks of the computer mouse ,your pictures are posted and available for everyone to see. It's been a proven fact that people are very visual. Meaning if we can see the item that is being sold there is a 2 to 3 times greater chance of that item being sold. I live in the Oregon City area and have no problem traveling in the local area. However. When greater distances are involved I will need to wait until I have a few people in your area that want pictures taken in your area to keep the cost low or we could add a travel fee. I can take up to 20 pictures per disk for $25 ( CASH ONLY PLEASE ) or for a box or boxes of ammo of equal value will be excepted.

    This is on a trial bases.
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