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You're not going to believe this. I've had a CHL since the 70's. I posted that I had it taken from me when a bogus restraining order was served against me, but I won in court and the restraining order was lifted.

Yesterday I finally got around to going to the court and getting certified copies of the dismissal and then I went to the sheriff's office to get my CHL back.

Get this. They told me that since it's been more than 30 days since I lost it, I have to start over like a newbie. I have to take the safety class, fill out the forms including giving personal references, being fingerprinted again, having the background check - the whole nine yards just like I never existed.

I'm going to call today and get an appointment to see Sheriff Winters. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping he'll waive all of this. This of course has to be a local rule but I'm completely dumbfounded.

Don't forget, this restraining order contained no allegations of violence. It was alleged "elder financial abuse" and not something like stalking or domestic violence. Even so, I beat it in court and I'm innocent.

Can you friggin believe this? I don't mind a new background check and fingerprints for their new system, and I don't mind paying the $50 again for their costs, but the rest of it is bubblegum.
you may be up against a wall on this one. I think I remember reading when I got mine that if you lose it for any reason, i.e., taken from you by the issuer, then it's like you never had it. But good luck.
I've just finished skimming through your nightmarish thread and now you may have to start the CHL process over? Wow!:(
I just dropped off a friend at the airport and he is going through similar issues with attorneys, family, over their fathers trust.
Hoping you get through this quick Gunner, and back to your life.
I also hope your meeting with the sheriff goes well.


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