Do you carry the S&W Bodyguard in .380?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by FortunateSon, Feb 8, 2012.

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    I just committed to purchase a S&W Bodyguard .380. Opinions always vary, but I would be very interested in owner experience........

    What type of ammo do you use for practice and for carry?

    How do you carry it - what type of holster do you use?

    What is your overall opinion (do you likeeee?)?
  2. yotehunter

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    I have it and carry it. It shoots anything you feed it no problems. for self defense I use Hornady critical defense ammo.
    I have a pocket holster I use by special weapons products it works great.
    I like the bodyguard a lot but I hate the laser on it. The button for the laser is way to hard to push. The standard sites are Novak style sites and they are great. I am considering selling mine to get the Sig P238 though...
  3. sadiesassy

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    We have one.
    Carry it two ways - I have a small shoulder holster I wear under my shirt. Wife has a holster.
    Shoot std ammo for target practice
    Carry with self defense ammo
    I like the weight , The trigger pull is long ( vs other pistols) and I have to remember that when first firing
    Laser is OK - I can push it on with my trigger finger - but my wife has to do it with mutiple fingers.

    Fits our needs. Easier to carry that XD40SC . But I like the XD40SC for shooting better.

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