Vortex 3 MOA

Just started to carry with a red dot since January. This was tied to an edc upgrade from a 7+1 Kahr P9 to a 15+1 G43X MOS. I am more accurate at 7yds+ distance with a slight improvement in shot times but range practice see-through (co-witness) iron sights too. Cannot holster as well awib below the belt w/the optic so not sure what I'll do during the shorts/t-shirt months. No issues so far with my Romeo 0, but again, still practicing iron sights.
Seems like I saw someone do a live survey before with bar charts and everything. . .anyone know how?
The guy with the other survey knew how, just for a Smart Alec response. I think that when you start a thread, there are more controls in the original window. You might try editing your original post for the thread to see if more controls will pop up

Edit I just went to start a new thread and there is a second tab near the top for surveys.

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