do stainless barrels reflect sunlight?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by JUSTIficatioN, Aug 31, 2009.

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    this might be a bit of a stupid question, i dont own any stainless guns but i've always thought that sunlight might reflect off of it which is one of the reasons why i havn't gone out of my way to buy a firearm that is stainless.
    so do could they reflect sunlight? please prove me right or wrong?
    thanks guys
  2. oldkim

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    If you are asking if they are shiny? Then yes they are.

    If you are asking if they don't get hot in the sun? Then they still do.

    If you are asking for visibility if you carry then why yes they do contrast since most people wear clothing that are neutral or dark - a shiny thing can stick out and make it easier to notice.

    If you are asking more if they reflect light... any flat smooth surface can reflect some degree of light depending surface.

    What are you trying to convince yourself to do or not do? I like to keep life simple. If you don't like stainless then don't buy one. Other rationales: they often are more expensive and heavier than other like models.

    For me my Sig P220ST is a thing of beauty not just to look at but to shoot.
  3. WAYNO

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    There's a little more to this. A very polished, blue rifle reflects more light than a satin-finished stainless one. But, as the previous poster said, regardless of the polish, a stainless rifle contrasts against dark clothing or backgrounds more than blue.

    So, there are some alternatives. A target grey finish on stainless helps a little, in diminishing the contrast. Most gun companies now offer a black finish on their stainless handguns, so it should only be a matter of time til they offer the same finish on stainless rifles.

    I do not buy stainless guns because I want them to be shiny and pretty. I buy them, and use them, because I live and hunt in Western Oregon, and it's nice to be able to worry about them a little less, with the corrosion-resistant properties.

    Everything is a trade off.:)


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