I have two of these. They are lighter than plates, but still have some heft to them and would telegraph like a police officer's rig under clothing to the point I wouldn't bother with that - which is why I got the molle versions. I figured if I am going to use a carrier for magazines and other stuff, might as well have armor. They are considerably bulkier than IIIa and the "flexible" part is technically true, but ergonomically not nearly as much as I'd like.

If you can swing it, go for it.
Yep their stuff (in the rifle armor) is more pricey but, if I was going for this kind of protection I would seriously look at them. My current work rig is made by them and I love it. Have been wearing soft since the early 90's and this last one I bought from them is the most comfortable one I have ever had. Not to mention the video's of them testing it left me impressed.
There was a couple guys who did a video of the FRS vest with a 50BMG. Damn vest stopped that. It showed the person wearing it would most likely die anyway but the damn stuff was not made to stop these rounds and it did. I have been glad one of the members here told me about the Co.
The way I see it, for sure get them if getting shot at is one of the more likely threats you could think could end you. If it's not, wait until the more probable threats are addressed.

For example, if you are overweight and unhealthy, spend your time and money addressing that first.

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