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    Is there anybody in the northwest that works with, or does, refinishing in DLC? I have a pistol slide that had a factory DLC finish I would like to get redone. It is a physical vapor deposition process that local gunsmiths can send in parts to companies like Ionbond to get them refinished. It is a Kahr slide.
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    I see nobody has responded so here's my experience. I was a racing engine builder for 40 years, and the last ten years or so we used it with amazing results on all parts that had a need for extra protection, like cam followers, valves, etc. The most impressive results came from titanium piston pins, which are nice and light but do not wear well. After ten races on a USAC midget engine, I took it apart and literally could not tell that it had even run. Still a beautiful black carbon like finish that showed no wear. Now, I have called Ion-Bond which has a plant in Wilsonville OR. They said that yes they coated firearms and parts, but they send it all back to their east coast plant. I am redoing a P-35 Hipower, and will be get most of the internal parts DLC coated. The most experienced place I found was Richter Precision. http://richterprecision.com/dlc-coatings.html
    BTW, I also have a K9, but it's just a point and shoot carry gun. I did go with a 1 lb. lighter recoil spring, and stainless spring guide. Good luck with your project.
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