Disturbed child - or over reaction by school officials?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by mkwerx, Feb 7, 2012.

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    Haven't seen any more than is listed here

    'Hit list' uncovered at Bethany Elementary | kgw.com Portland

    The gist of it is, school officials claim they found a "hit list" created by a student, of names of other students at Bethany Elementary, and the kid has been booted until he gets a psych eval. No mention if the child has been taken into custody by the police/DHS, or if he's just been suspended pending the outcome of his visit to the shrink.

    When I was in elementary school, it wasn't uncommon for kids playing with each other (or being bullied) to tell another kid he was "gonna kill you." It was kids being kids - no one ever brought guns, knives, or pipe bombs to school.

    Then Kip Kinkle went on his shooting spree, then the school shootings in Arkansas, Alabama, then Colorado all went down in a short period.

    When I was a junior, one of the senior students at my school savagely beat a Christmas tree salesman and his grand father with a baseball bat, the younger man went from a bright man with a future - to nearly retarded because of the brain damage he suffered.

    We got hateful calls by people in teh community to the school, including business owners and managers who professed to *never* hire another student who attended our school because of this one turd.

    I think the world is changing - and not for the better - so I'm not sure what to make of this kid at Bethany Elementary at this point. Could just be a kid being a kid (kids do weird things, and sometimes they imitate things they see on TV and movies - like writing up hit lists, or acting out action they saw - with no malice or real mental defect - they just haven't learned what's acceptable yet) - or they just caught the next Kip Kinkle before he brings a gun to school to actually carry out his "hits".
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    I'd say a little of both. It's sad that there is such over-reaction to what is likely standard childhood behavior. But, it's also unfortunate that there are so many cases of actual follow-through on these type of things that we have to take these seriously at first.

    (Yeah, at my high school, my senior year, a couple students from another high school came to one of our school dances and were turned away since they weren't from our school or with someone from our school. They then proceeded to beat a man coming out of a nearby mall, causing brain damage. All school dances the rest of the year were cancelled.)
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    They try to put each of these children into the same MOLD and it does NOT work.
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    They try though. After all the preferred product of a government school is a drone.

    When I was a kid I used to draw pictures of rockets, explosions and gun battles. Lucky that was long ago.
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    I was going to Springfield high school when kip kinkle finally snapped.

    I had skipped out of gym early and went to hang out at the schools market until the period ended. There were 3 of us in there when we heard over the radio that there was a shooting in progress at Springfield high school in the cafeteria. The school went on immediate lockdown and the 3 of us hid behind the counter until they later clarified that it was in fact Thurston where the shootings happened. At that point our school was let out for the day. I didnt find out till later that night that my next class would have been canceled anyways. My next period was Spanish, taught by Mrs Kinkle.
    That day I started the countdown till I could get the means to legally defend myself.

    A few weeks later my family was watching old videos of the karate class I took while I was in middle school. Lo and behold, my sparring partner for my yellow belt was none other than Kip himself.

    Small world I guess.
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    It takes me back to my grade school days. I was the "outcast" I guess. This was here in Portland, northeast, at the time where you went to the same school from k-8. It was in the 6th grade when I received the petition from (I recall) the entire 6th grade except for my boyfriend stating that I was hated. The girl that started it later became a good buddy!
    I was a Momma's girl and my classmates weren't.
    This so could have gone another direction but I guess things were different then. At this point in my life I reflect back on that and chuckle about who I am now.
    I miss my Momma and I am very disturbed with the pain the school kids face these days.

    I believe times have changed. I could have caused devistation but I was raised differently.
  7. Burt Gummer

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    I tormented my teachers so badly. I was really a terror. I remember my third grade teacher well.

    Put thumb tacks on her chair. Put a Garter snake in her draw. Pull-string firecracker. Glue on her chair. Stole her pens and pencils. Booby trapped her chair. Replaced her erasable markers with permanent markers.

    Funny thing - I actually ran into her 20 years later. She had a very recognizable name. I asked her if she remembered me LOL and she said in her 20 years of teaching there were three absolute monsters and I was one of them. We talked for a while and I actually said I was sorry for tormenting the poor lady.

    Told her that the 1990 movie 'Problem Child' brought back a few memories of my youth. She thought that was great, and agreed.

    I guess the difference was I never once thought about killing her or my classmates. However, if you did those things today, you'd be treated by the system as a killer that should be drugged and contained.
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    Yes,yes the world is changing. Not saying it's right,as the shooter also said,but they watch video games and see all these killings and don't relate it to real life. Like i said,one of these kids that did a school shooting related it to a video game.Id didn't look real when the kids fell down.
    They see so much of this in their Mom's basement,they want to know if it works the same in real life.Probably neglected by their parents as most delinquent kids are.

    Then we have drug addicts breeding with other drug addicts.Now you have 2 "recovered " meth heads having a baby,what do you think the kid will be like?

    Oh and if you didn't already know this,female are born with all their eggs.Males produce sperm as necessary.
    So if a girl goes out and does drugs,she can damage her eggs,never knowing if a altered egg will drop before she tries to get pregnant.
    They can be clean for years and still have altered eggs waiting to be bread.

    Then Johny comes along and gets some.Then you have a child that hasn't a chance because his parents were druggies.
    Then the struggle to make a living without an education. So they neglect the child.
    The cj
    hild doesn't feel loved because Mom and Dad are never there for them.
    So they go kill their class mates.Maybe mom and dad will take notice.

    Ok so i went on a sermon.But more and more kids are babysat by the TV or computor.Less and less adult supervision.They are trying to make all the payments on thing that they don't really need to have a happy family

    Keeping up with the Jones'.
    And yes we will see more and more.Nobody educating anybody about having to pay for the children the are breeding. Nobody making their children realize what a huge job it is to raise a child,that it isn't for a child to do.

    So they play the death games and the war games,the mob boss games,the hit man games and figure they can pull it off....no problem

    The school should be worried as should the parents of the other classmates.
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    You too huh? We had a kid like you in class, Gary Dazely.....He went on to own his own construction compny I believe.

    I don't get it.......As kids we ran the neighborhood, had wrist rocket fights, shot birds with bbguns. There were the tough kids that gave me a hard time on occasion. If they REALLY came at me I' do a quick run, and they'd not follow far. There'd be some laughter. Very few kids ever got hit more than once or twice in any fight. Life went on......
    That was in the country, in Utah to boot. The city was 20 minute bike ride, and the BIG city, SLC, was 12 miles away.

    I don't know why kids now cross that line from violent play/games, to violence from one being to another. Could it be because our government will go half way around the world to stop someone from doing something they haven't even done yet? I sure don't know.

    As a side note, once we were 16 and driving we'd drive downtown to West 2nd south and check out the prostitutes!


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