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    Mexicans Take Kidnappers from Jail, Beat and Set Them on Fire
    Saturday, February 11, 2012 | Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis
    by Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

    Friday three kidnappers in the town of San-Mateo Huitzilzingo, Chalco were caught in the act while attempting to kidnap two high school students.

    A woman, Otilia Rosales Palomares, witnessing the crime began shouting that the men were kidnapping a son of a neighbor. The men who were not identified were in a green van.

    The kidnappers were apprehended by police and were transferred to the municipal police station.

    Quickly residents organized and eventually hundreds fell into vigilantly mode armed with sticks, rocks, bottles, and 19 Molotov cocktails. They proceeded to the facility where the alleged kidnappers were being held and forcibly extracted the three men.

    What happened next is sketchy, one version is:

    The men were taken to the main plaza beaten then placed in a vehicle and set the vehicle on fire while the men were still alive.

    Another version:

    The men were taken to the plaza beaten to unconsciousness then set on fire.

    Pictures support either story.

    Whatever the hard facts may be two of the men were burned to death at the scene, the third was still alive when police gained control and they were able to save the culprit. He was transferred to a clinic at IMSS where he later perished.

    Meanwhile, the municipal police called on the attorney general for assistance as well as the security forces (SSC) and riot squad of Ixtapaluca, Valley of Chalco agencies.

    23 people were detained for their participation in the crime, and Otilia Rosales Palomares, 42, for inciting the crowd. Three of the detained were minors aged 17 and two are 16. They are all being investigated for kidnapping and homicide.

    The citizens called them all heroes and have announced they will organize to secure the release of their neighbors.

    Read Havana’s post of this event here
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    very good reason not to go to Mexico, IHMO
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    The wife and I made our final visit South of the border a couple years ago - it was beautiful and carefree, but uniformed army was everywhere, and they all had M203 grenade launchers mounted to their M-16's. Can you imagine deploying those in urban areas?

    Those poor people - I mean that both literally and figuratively. Thank God we have such a long and proud tradition of honest policing in this country. Not perfect, of course, but no comparison to the way they do business in Latin America.

    Anybody here familiar with Dmitri Orlov's "Five Stages of Collapse?"
    ClubOrlov: The Five Stages of Collapse
    Here in the US we're between Stages 1 & 2 right now. This episode in Mexico sounds like they're well into Stage 4 collapse already.

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