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Not everything is always the lowest price you can find on the net ignoring card fees and shipping . And some ads are old ,no longer valid. Ive got 9mm here with the 15.00 price sticker still on it. 9mm white box hollow point 29.95 , from a few years back . Depending on location. Not everyone has multiple big box stores compeating with each other for your business to choose from..in some cases Small gun stores pay more than big box stores sale it for.If you live on the i5 corridor its different If 9mm is 18.00 A box were you live and 90 miles away 8.99 . Is it worth the gas money and time to go get it ? It might not even be in stock when you get there. Living in the city someone is probably just going to steal it from you anyway so what differance does it make.
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Not sure where to post this

Has anyone noticed the price gouging in classified forums

Ammuntion for starters

I'm all about making a profit but some of what I'm seeing is just wrong
It's not gouging. It's market prices, no different than what retailers are charging. If you haven't been stocking up on ammo the last 3 years, you are doing it wrong.
Yes monetary inflation is a beotch. However, pricing/wages typically balances out over a period of years. There are artificial manipulations of money tho.... Soros was famous for shorting the British pound. And China has been attempting to replace the dollar with the yaun (sp?) as the international currency for trading, by dumping a zillion units of their currency into the markets. It's artificial, so it unbalances things. Remember Argentina with 1000%/mo inflation = not good at all.

Housing prices over most of the U.S. have stayed at pace with inflation/wages. In those areas, a mortgage payment is still 1/4 of a family's income. Unfortunately for families, it takes two wage earners now to have the equivalent of what a man used to bring home. That aside, there are indeed housing bubbles, some caused by Bill Clinton wanting every person to own a home, forcing Congress to act and when they did the result was allowing Wall Street to become banks, forcing them to make worthless loans, and allowing them to package those worthless loans and sell them to dupes.

AFAIK the current housing boom/bubble is caused by migration patterns.... people still moving from east to west, from cold to hot, from Kali to PNW, and most neglected is large purchasing patterns by Chinese nationals. Not saying that is bad, but from what I understand it is a great factor in the latest increase of housing prices in the SF area.

Generally speaking, it is the realtors that set the price on a particular house, taking in the trends and also what the market will bear. This tends to be inflationary, as they work on commission and will always want to make as much moola as possible. Is that gouging? Not for me to say. I just know that I have been in a city where I needed to buy a home and there were bidding wars and it was not fun as a buyer. But when we sold, we were happy some rich person from Cali wanted to dispose of some of their windfall. We thought we had a windfall until we returned to sleepy lil La Grande and found out the prices here had doubled. :(

I do basically the same job my dad did. I'm a mid level manager with an engineering background. I have absolutely no idea how much money my dad made back in the day because he NEVER talked money. I assume adjusted for inflation out jobs pay essentially the same. I do know that what he considered a house he'd buy back in the 70's and the type of house I'd buy now are WAY different. Tastes in housing were much simpler 30-40 years ago and houses were a lot cheaper because they were cheaper houses.
I haven't paid attention to the gun market in years.

Maybe some people in the know can help me with some resell values of the guns below.

Springfield TRP w/approx 100rds
S&W E-Series w/approx 100rds
Wesson Specialist w/approx 150rds
Sig P226 w/approx 500rds
View attachment 676627

Bear 45 (UTC?) w/approx 250rds
FN 45 Tac w/100rds
Wilson Combat xtac w/approx 400rds
Baer 45 (Monolith?) w/approx 100rds
View attachment 676628

CZ Shadow II w/approx 150rds
Tangsomething Limited Custom w/50rds
Sig Nightmare Fastback w/approx 1,000rds
Wilson Combat Spec 9 w/approx 150 rds
View attachment 676629

HK P30SK w/50rds
CZ Poly Gun Something New/Unfired
Springfield 9mm 1911 w/approx 500rds
Walter Q5 Match w/100rds
View attachment 676630

Dan Wesson 44mag 8" w/unknown rds
S&W 686+ 6" w/approx 200rds
S&W 629 5" no Hillary Hole w/approx 300rds
View attachment 676631

not yet photo'd
Beretta A400 Xtreme
Canik TP9SFX
7.62 Ace Galil (unfired)
Ruger AR10 .308 (unfired)
no one wants that junk, i'll give ya $20 for all of it..:rolleyes:


I'm with the herd on this.

I reserve a fair amount of scorn for the people who PAY ridiculous money for what most of us would deem "non-essential" items (we can do that because we are prepared) and make opportunism possible. Free-markets work both ways.

That said... I LOVE early-adopters who pay ridiculous money for the "next new thing". They pave the economy-of-scale road so that the rest of us can come along later and pay $100 for an LCD or plasma TV when they jumped-in at $2500.

Petrol, utilities, medicine, food, and water are essential, and opportunistic gouging in times of temporary crises should not go unanswered by consumers.

Those are all different things, IMO.
I'll keep my mouth shut, as I don't have words innocent enough for the forum.
Except that I hope they never make a sale and I will never buy from those people.
I ignore all sellers that price things high during panics. I also will never buy from cheaper than gold either.


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Is there a run on guns? I thought it was just ammo. Are places even open to do transfers? I have a slew of guns I wouldn't mind moving to free up space, a few of them new and unfired.
Got any sigs, can meet in Oregon. :s0155:

I ignore all sellers that price things high during panics. I also will never buy from cheaper than gold either.
honestly didn't occur to me to put on the ignore list. Thanks for the tip


Y’all twisted my arm. Gonna do a bargain sale. Don’t need it anymore since the boat incident and don’t want to be called a harder.

I’ll do $1 a round on 5.56, .10 on 22lr, .50 for 9mm, .75 per for 45ACP
Free roll of tp (cottonelle, only the good stuff) with 1000 round min purchase.
Call for special pricing on 12g, .380, 7.62x39, all .30 cal. And 50 BMG.
Hurry, quantities are limited!:s0139:


Here's one thing to think about. Buyers in the secondary market are typically trying to score a deal. However, if supplies dry up, I see no issue with sellers trying to get back what they might have paid previously. So if they paid full retail some time back, now might be a good time to sell. Without having to chop the price low enough to tempt someone to buy who's looking for a bargain. Some people buy lucky, it's not often that we can sell lucky but now seems to be such a time. After all, nobody's holding a gun to the heads of buyers.


I take note on the price gouging and I just refuse to do business with them. when things go back to normal I will continue to not give them my money and will take it somewhere else. Its pretty simple. I believe in a good honest deal, and the people doing the gouging are not good honest people. Just because you can do something doesnt mean its right.
I look at it this way. I buy a house for $ 200,000. The housing market in my area goes through the roof. I look to sell it for 300,000, am I gouging ? or has the item i am selling gone up in value, even if its just for a short time ?
if the market dictates a AR is worth $1,000 today. then its worth $1,000 even if it was only worth $500 yesterday. If its not, then no one will buy it.
Here's my main issue with the concept of accusing people and companies of "price gouging" on nonessential items :rolleyes::rolleyes:

1. They are under no obligation to keep prices stable nor low.

2. They also are under no obligation to stay permanently "out of stock" on things.

It really does seems like people would prefer that companies continually run out of stock on firearms related items during periods of massive demand and anxienty by keeping the prices the same.

This stuff keeps happening over and over and over and people don't seem to learn that it makes sense to raise prices when demand outstrips the available supply

Granted, companies and people are free to ask "ridiculous" prices, and buyers are free to boycott, to not buy from, or encourage others to.. but on the other hand... these companies and people ensure that there is a supply in stock/available

Anyone remember when you couldn't expect certain ammo to be in stock for almost 6 months to 4 years because of the NDAA and Congress budgeting for supplying massive amount of ammo to Federal Law Enforcement agencies and other Fed agencies??


I look at it this way. I buy a house for $ 200,000. The housing market in my area goes through the roof. I look to sell it for 300,000, am I gouging ? or has the item i am selling gone up in value, even if its just for a short time ?
if the market dictates a AR is worth $1,000 today. then its worth $1,000 even if it was only worth $500 yesterday. If its not, then no one will buy it.
I can understand that way of thinking. and some people are happy to play that game. Im just glad I dont have to. The last shortage I was caught with my pants down and had to spend a decent chunk. Not this time:)


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