Dillon XL 650 Fully Progressive Reloading Press... and yes its with a case feeder

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    included in this sale is
    A Dillon XL 650
    Conversion kit for 223 rem currently installed
    Conversion kit for 9mm / 38 Super / 9x21
    Conversion kit for 40 S&W / 10mm
    Conversion kit for 45 ACP
    Electric Case Feeder
    Small Rifle Case Feed Plate currently installed
    Small Pistol Case Feed Plate
    Large Pistol Case Feed Plate
    Dillon Strong Mount
    Dillon Aluminum Bullet Tray
    Dillon Aluminum Roller Handle
    Powder Check Alarm
    Low Primer Warning Alarm
    Completed Cartridge Bin
    A 2nd Powder Measure with the small powder bar installed, Large one installed on powder measure on press
    A 2nd Tool Head
    4 Powder Dies, 2 on each Tool Head one for the Powder Measure and one for the Powder Check Alarm
    One Dillon Tool Head Stand
    One Small Primer Pickup Tube
    One Large Primer Pickup Tube
    Parts for press to use Large Primers
    A 2nd Large Powder Bar
    A 2nd Small Powder Bar
    Allen Wrenches
    Mounting Hardware
    Dillon XL 650 Instructional DVD
    Dillon XL 650 Instruction Manual

    This press and conversion kits are really hard to get right now.
    I bought this press less than a year ago and this press is covered under Dillon's No BS 100% Warranty for the life of the press. NO DIES INCLUDED and NO COMPONENTS INCLUDED presses don't come with dies anyways, they assume your upgrading from a single stage or turret press and will already have your dies from them. And most people dont sell their dies with presses unless they are leaving the hobby.
    I am willing to take Part trade but the at least about half must be cash or just all cash and no trade but it cant just be all trade.
    I like guns especially nice Range Guns or competition Glocks or XDMs just let me know what you have, 1911s 45 acp or 10mm like Springfield, Colt, Dan Wesson, Sigs, STI or even a Rock Islands too depending on the model.
    Any Glocks or XDMs, Classic Sigs or Sig Pro or SP2022, H&Ks Beretta 92/96 ARs or AR Parts too and AKs "no Century's".
    I like AK parts kits too or maybe even a Norinco SKS. Sig 556 or 556R second generations...
    I like Stainless Steel Revolvers in 357 mag 44 mag Colt, Ruger, Smith & Wesson or a Single Action Army in 357,44 mag or 45 Long Colt.
    I like Lever Guns in 357 mag or 44 Mag even 45 Long Colt
    Also willing to trade part for an older Dillon like their first press the 300 or a 450 or even a 550 or part trade for a Star Universal Press, RCBS pro 2000 or the older 4x4 press or a progressive Ammomaster or Piggyback, NO LEE Presses
    Part trade for Star Magma Lube Sizer and bottom pour melting pot or cast master...
    RCBS The Grand 12ga press or a Ponsness Warren press in 12ga or a Spolar Gold in 12ga.

    Price is best offer
    email or call and leave a message or text me





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    Here is a stretch.. are you a guitar player? I have a practically brand new Mesa Boogie Royal Atlantic 2x12 combo. Great amp! Handmade in the USA and it smokes! :)

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