WTS OR Dillon RL550B With Options!!

Discussion in 'Reloading Classifieds' started by JohnH, Jun 13, 2015.

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    I found this barely used and abandoned RL550B and rescued it from the previous owner.

    Press looks like it had not been used very much (if at all)

    Complete dis-assembly, clean, lube and reassembled to its current glory.

    Due to missing parts it has had many brand new parts installed including, Powder Measure, Spent Primer Cup, Failsafe Rod Assembly, Primer Buzzer Assembly, Operating Rod, Small and Large Primer Magazine Tubes, Large Primer Cup and Seating Punch, and Toolhead just to name a few.

    I have also added new Strong Mount, Bullet Tray, Toolholder with Wrench Set, Empty Case Bin with Bracket, and Aluminum Roller Handle. Also included is a Toolhead Stand as shown.

    Press came with 38 Special/357 Magnum Conversion Kit so I have also installed the Dillon 38/357 Carbide Sizing Die, Hornady New Dimension 38/357 Bullet Seating Die, and a Lee 38/357 Factory Crimp Die. IMHO this is the best of all worlds when it comes to reloading dies and the lucky new owner can see for themselves!

    The price from Dillon and other on line stores for everything listed is $745.00

    Here is your chance to get a great press for ONLY $690.00 for a savings of $55.00

    I am also willing to offer up some of my time to the lucky buyer for die set up and loading instruction on this press.

    So without further ado, the pictures.....

    http://s723.photobucket.com/user/JohnH131313/media/IMG_2254_zps5o5pjusu.jpg.html] IMG_2254_zps5o5pjusu.jpg [/URL]

    http://s723.photobucket.com/user/JohnH131313/media/IMG_2255_zpskrwjjbpp.jpg.html] IMG_2255_zpskrwjjbpp.jpg [/URL]

    http://s723.photobucket.com/user/JohnH131313/media/IMG_2256_zpsincdeh1c.jpg.html] IMG_2256_zpsincdeh1c.jpg [/URL]

    http://s723.photobucket.com/user/JohnH131313/media/IMG_2257_zpszubbdzwa.jpg.html] IMG_2257_zpszubbdzwa.jpg [/URL]

    http://s723.photobucket.com/user/JohnH131313/media/IMG_2258_zpsiamau0nw.jpg.html] IMG_2258_zpsiamau0nw.jpg [/URL]

    http://s723.photobucket.com/user/JohnH131313/media/IMG_2259_zpskv4kvwri.jpg.html] IMG_2259_zpskv4kvwri.jpg [/URL]
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    Wowzer.. looks brand new, and all set up really pretty.. wish I had room
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