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Hello, I'm stuck on an issue I'm having with .223/5.56 reloads. I'm using all LC brass and doing a full resize on all the brass. 55gr bullet no crimp, COL is standard and correct according to reloading manual,. Well once all is said and done, completed round fits in case gauge checker.In a multiple rifles and ar15 platforms it loads fine, but when I go to extract the live round it's a bear to extract. Almost have to motor the rifle while pulling back on the charging handle. Shooting these rounds no issue with extraction. Don't have a clue. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
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I suspect you might have a bur on the extractor that when holding the brass is causing it to abut the lug recesses snugly, but easily overcome from recoil energy. If it's not that, you might try a small base die set instead, assuming you may have a tight chamber. No rifling marks on the bullet? Have you checked the bullets diameter or the brass neck thickness? Also, don't assume that the die has set the shoulder back, especially if you haven't annealed or checked shoulder comparator measurement to a factory shell.
If you're having extraction issues with live reloaded ammo in multiple firearms/platforms, I would suspect the die being the problem. The case length gauge pictured first won't always indicate an oversize body diameter. The second picture slotted type gauge will, but are as expensive as a new die. You can also measure your sized cases and compare to the print. You might also want to also consider a small base die for the AR.
You are not sizing the brass enough. Chamber a one of your sized cases. You should be
able to withdraw it easy. Sizer die not adjusted correctly pushing the shoulder of the case to spec.
Small base dies not needed. You can measure this with a RCBS Precision Mic or the
Hornady Headspace Comparator.
^everything Ron said. You should know your shoulder datum to case head dimension.
If your not annealing your shoulder position will not be as consistent even full length sizing.

In a multiple rifles and ar15 platforms it loads fine
In your AR take a sized brass and hand load into the chamber. Slowly lower the charging handle on it but dont let it fully close the bolt. Use the forward assist to close the bolt.
If the brass is sized correctly the forward assist should finish closing the bolt with an easy push. If not you wont be able to close the bolt with the FA, and wont have to mortar the round to get it out.
There should be some kind of marking on either the brass or bullet if it's fitting that tightly. I'd take a good look at one you haven't chambered, maybe mark it up, then chamber it, remove it and inspect for contact points. That'll tell you right just now if it's a brass/die issue or a seating depth issue.
Need to use a chamber gauge, not a case gauge.

A case gauge will check headspace, but not overall size of the round for actual chamber fit.

Also, make sure the case mouth flair is taken out.
Use some calipers and measure the case mouth, should be .249" or a bit less.

Thanks everyone for all the great info. Sounds like it might be a shoulder issue. Here is the kicker though, and maybe it's just the LC brass. I used the same exact set up, Hornady die, did the same load but with mixed brass. No LC. Mainly rem brass. No issues at all. I will try marking the brass and see what it shows.
My RCBS small base is marked for both. Sizes both fine, too...
As far as I know everything should be the same externally, but somewhere i inquired about using 556 brass in my 223 die and the general consensus was dont bother.
I've resized thousands of Lake City 556 brass in my RCBS 223 and Redding 223 dies with zero problems. I use a RCBS Precision Mic to measure the brass before and after sizing to make sure the shoulder is pushed backed far enough. I have shot the reloaded rounds in several AR's, a Savage bolt action, a Ruger single shot and a Mini 14. All worked just like factory rounds, no problems.

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