Did WOU change policy?

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    Pursuant to O.A.R. 580-22-045 the Western Oregon University Campus Safety
    Services Department shall prohibit the possession of firearms, ammunition,
    explosives, dangerous chemicals, fireworks or related dangerous items on campus
    except where exclusively authorized by the President, or through contract, for
    instructional purposes, part of inter-collegiate sanctioned events, civic events
    sanctioned by the university, law, or in the course of work (e.g. police, BPSST,
    law enforcement services).


    To comply with the Board of Higher Education O.A.R. 480-22-045, promote safety
    on campus, eliminate potential misuse and reduce the potential of incidents
    related to these areas, insurance and liability.


    This policy includes prohibiting weapons carried by individuals "licensed" to
    carry concealed weapons. O.R.S. 160.370(2)(d) has been amended to permit a
    "broader" group or people to carry concealed weapons. However, the President
    and Western Oregon University has the authority to control, manage and regulate
    behavior on campus.

    Weapons Definition - An instrument that is designed to cause bodily harm to
    another person, property or animal. Types of weapons include but are not
    limited to:

    1. Firearms - Any weapon that uses ammunition that includes gun powder or
    compressed air.
    2. Ammunition - Any projectile or ammunition that has the potential
    to penetrate.
    3. Explosives - Devices intended to create an explosion that is of greater
    force than firearms.
    4. Dangerous Chemicals - Intended to cause bodily harm or discomfort.
    5. Fireworks - Devise used to explode or become a projectile when igniting a
    6. Knives - Having a blade that projects or swings into position by force of a
    spring or centrifugal force ORS 166.240.
    7. Bow/Arrows - Designed to be propelled through the air by applied human


    1. When an officer observes, has reported, or is dispatched to a possession of
    firearms on campus, they are to provide the potential violator with the
    information stated in the authority section of this policy.

    2. They are to inform the violators that removal must be immediate and the
    following "temporary" options are available:

    A. Immediate removal off campus

    B. The Safety Services office may take possession and store in the
    property room for a period not to exceed 24 hours (property receipt

    3. After 24 hours, the individual must have transported the weapon(s) off
    campus or he/she will be asked to leave campus "temporarily" until the
    weapons are removed and compliance met.

    4. If any property is temporarily taken by our office under this policy, a
    formal report shall be written indicating the purpose, issue and
    arrangements made. A property receipt shall be issued and a supervisor
    informed at their next regular shift. Property shall be under lock and key,
    secured at all times and handled pursuant to policy.

    5. Weapons used in inter-collegiate events such as archery may be used in areas
    designed for target practice.

    BPSST POLICY (O.A.R.) - 259 12 015. WEAPONS

    1. Immediately upon arrival at the Academy, all basic students will check in
    all weapons with Academy staff. This shall include firearms, ammunition and
    chemical agents such as tear gas. *Possession of any weapon by a basic
    student in the dormitory building, classroom, a vehicle, or on the person,
    is prohibited except when authorized for training purposes.

    2. Any person residing at the Academy and/or attending specialized or
    advanced courses is also prohibited from possessing weapons, including
    firearms and chemical agents, in the dormitory sleeping areas.

    3. Weapon cleaning activities should be in the gun locker area and not in the
    dorm room.


    Western Employees - State employees who obtain concealed weapon(s) permits may
    mistakenly think the permit authorizes them to carry their weapon(s) on the job.
    A permit to conceal a weapon does not create the authority to use or carry a
    weapon on the job, concealed or openly.

    Citizens - Members of the public who have permits to conceal a weapon may
    mistakenly think the permit authorizes them to carry their weapon(s) into public
    buildings. A permit to conceal a weapon does not create the authority to carry
    a weapon openly or concealed into a public building.

    It merely exempts the permittee from a strict liability statute (ORS 166.370)
    which would otherwise impose an "automatic" criminal penalty. Without a
    concealed weapons permit, ORS 166.370 makes it a crime for anyone except certain
    police or military officials to bring loaded or unloaded firearms into public
    buildings regardless of their intent.

    A. If a person with a permit is encountered, they may be informed, if
    appropriate, that campus rules prohibit firearms on campus and in our
    buildings. They may be cooperatively requested to not bring the firearm
    when visiting in the future. (No penalty or criminal sanctions under the
    new ORS are available.) However, after being informed, violation "could"
    take place through a trespass or failure to comply with an order
    (OAR 80-22-045).
    This is not our preferred method and would be utilized only in a very
    unusual situation AFTER SUPERVISOR CONSULTATION. ORS 164.265 - Criminal
    Trespass while in possession of a firearm as stated in Definitions section
    of this policy.

    B. NO FIREARMS, WEAPONS, MUNITIONS will be permitted in residence halls or
    Campus Estates even if a concealed weapons permit exists. (We will deal
    with this on a case by case basis.) No weapons in vehicles or locked in
    trunk areas that are on campus.

    Caution, courtesy and public relations are very important elements to consider
    at all times when moving forward on this policy. If questions are apparent or
    the situation unusual... Consult!


    1. Board O.A.R. 580-22-045, ORS 164.265
    2. Resident hall rules
    3. Auxiliary Services Contract #40
    4. BPSST Policy and Handbook
    5. Campus Student Conduct Code


    The responsibility for this policy is the Vice President for Administration,
    Finance, and Human Resources through the Public Safety Services Division.
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    I really don't understand your question. What do you think changed?

    What you printed is the same as WOU has had and is similar to all the State's University and College system.
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    Looks like the same old BS illegal one to me...
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