Did three things for the first time ever.

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    Friday evening my wife and I met our daughter and her boyfriend at the PSTC in Clackamas. I've been there before to get my CHP renewed, but up til then had never shot there. I took my .45 and the wife took her .38. We had a great time shooting, so much so that I had to step out of the range to get more ammo and targets. That is a nice place to shoot and everyone that was working there was friendly and helpful. I'd recommend it. The ammo prices for the .38 weren't as good as they could have been, but at $18 a box for the .45 it was very fair.
    I got to shoot my daughter's pink Taurus TCP that we had purchased for her birthday a few months back. Kind of a cute little bugger, but I believe that I'd still rather have a .38 snubbie.
    #3 (which is really a two-fer)
    The daughter's boyfriend offered to let me shoot his Glock 19C. Not only had I never shot a Glock, but this was the first time I'd pulled the trigger on a 9x19! I've shot .380s and 9x18 Maks, but never the 9x19. I think the Glock is a good shooter. I did notice that when I first pointed it to the target that the sights were aiming high, but that's because I'm used to and had been shooting a 1911. The grip angle is more like my Ruger .22. Made a slight adjustment and proceeded to punch 10 rounds thru one big, ragged hole. The trigger is better that I would have thought. Kind of like a long travel single action. This gun is the ported one and was easy to shoot well.
    Many years ago I passed up buying a Glock .45 because the grip was like holding onto a 2x4. I ended up buying a Para P12-45 with no regrets, even now. I have to say that I enjoyed shooting that Glock and I can see why many people love them. No way I'm trading in my 1911s for one, but the experience was cool.

    In "trade" for this experience I let the boyfriend shoot the CBOB. He sure liked that. I think one's on his "list" now.:thumbup:

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