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Did Portland (Mult Co) ban bullets?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Starship, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. Starship

    Starship NE Portland Active Member

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    Just got a call from a friend in Calif., he said he was talking with someone and they told him that even with a CCP you can be arrested for having bullets in Portland. He wasn't sure if it was the Portland city council or Multnomah County that passed this.

    This friend supposedly called the District DA who told him it was true. If you have a gun you're okay but if you have the bullets in it then you will be arrested.

    I find it hard to believe (but not impossible) that this went by without me hearing anything before or after. Don't know who the friend was but my buddy was sure this is what he was told and called me to verify.

    Anyone heard anything like this??
  2. solv3nt

    solv3nt Portland Well-Known Member

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    ORS 166.173
    A city or county may adopt ordinances to regulate, restrict or prohibit the possession of loaded firearms in public places as defined in ORS 161.015 (General definitions).
    (2) Ordinances adopted under subsection (1) of this section do not apply to or affect:

    (a) A law enforcement officer in the performance of official duty.

    (b) A member of the military in the performance of official duty.

    (c) A person licensed to carry a concealed handgun.

    (d) A person authorized to possess a loaded firearm while in or on a public building or court facility under ORS 166.370 (Possession of firearm or dangerous weapon in public building or court facility).

    (e) An employee of the United States Department of Agriculture, acting within the scope of employment, who possesses a loaded firearm in the course of the lawful taking of wildlife. [1995 s.s. c.1 §4; 1999 c.782 §8; 2009 c.556 §3]

    The City of Portland, and Multnomah both have laws related to carrying bullets loaded in magazines and clips. However, you are exempt if you have a CHL.
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  3. dobeman

    dobeman Hillsboro Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    sneaky little bastiards... I always thought the best way to implement gun control is the ammo. No ammo - guns are a club.
  4. Koda

    Koda Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter 2016 Volunteer

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    The short answer is FALSE. this is not true.

    The long answer is contained within the Multnomah County ordinance 15.604 (A).... and only applies to citizens that do not have a CHL on their person.
    To paraphrase, if you have a CHL you can carry ammo any way you like including in the dang gun. If you dont have a CHL yes you can possess ammo but it cannot be in the gun or in any magazine or cylinder even if you don't have the gun with you. That is the law your friend is referring to you can read the actual law yourself here: http://multnomah.granicus.com/MetaViewer.php?meta_id=38224&view=&showpdf=1
    Note: the city of Portland has the same law as a city ordinance. The Mult. Co. law is fairly new.
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  5. RBid

    RBid Wilsonville, OR Well-Known Member

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    This is a non-issue. Heller has us covered.
  6. SBC97281

    SBC97281 Oregon Active Member

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    I cannot afford the legal bills if they decided to make me their test arrest.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2014
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  7. 2ndtimer

    2ndtimer SE Washington state Active Member

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    I guess Portland and Multnomah county just joined the state of California and most of the east coast on my places too politically fouled up to even consider visiting..
  8. RBid

    RBid Wilsonville, OR Well-Known Member

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    These laws aren't actually that bad. They certainly aren't ideal, but it's easy to get a CHL here. I carry all around the metro and Vancouver without issue.
  9. Mark W.

    Mark W. Silverton, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    also the law applies to outside your house
  10. Will_Power

    Will_Power OR via OK Active Member

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    Multnomah county's been pretty wonky for a good long while.

    That's why I'm moving to Washington county where there's still a shred of sanity left when it comes to move next.